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Album performed and recorded live by Richie Hawtin at The Guggenheim, NYC, November 6th, 2013.


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    Cover of EX, 2014-06-10, FileEX
    8×File, WAV, Album
    Mute – ISTUMM 370UK & Europe2014UK & Europe2014
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    Cover of EX (Performed Live At The Guggenheim, NYC), 2014-06-10, FileEX (Performed Live At The Guggenheim, NYC)
    7×File, MP3, Album, 320 kbps
    Mute – ISTUMM370, BMG Rights Management – ISTUMM370UK & Europe2014UK & Europe2014
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    Cover of EX, 2014-06-10, FileEX
    7×File, MP3, Album, 320 kbps; File, MP3, Album, Mixed, 320 kbps
    Mute – ISTUMM370, BMG – ISTUMM370UK & Europe2014UK & Europe2014
    Cover of EX (Recorded Live At The Guggenheim, NYC), 2014, CDrEX (Recorded Live At The Guggenheim, NYC)
    CDr, Album, Promo
    Mute – noneUK2014UK2014
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    Cover of EX, 2014-07-15, CDEX
    CD, Album
    Mute – CDSTUMM370, M_nus – MINUS121Europe2014Europe2014
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    Cover of EX, 2014-06-10, VinylEX
    2×LP, Album
    Mute – STUMM370, M_nus – minus121UK & Europe2014UK & Europe2014
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    Cover of EX, 2014-07-15, CDEX
    CD, Album, HQCD
    Traffic Inc. – TRCP-168Japan2014Japan2014
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    Cover of EX, 2014-07-15, CDEX
    CD, Album
    Mute – CDSTUMM370, M_nus – MINUS121Europe2014Europe2014
    Cover of EX, 2014, FileEX
    7×File, FLAC, Album; File, FLAC, Album, Mixed
    Mute – ISTUMM370UK & Europe2014UK & Europe2014
    New Submission
    Cover of EX , 2014, CDrEX
    CDr, Album, Promo
    Mute – noneAustralia2014Australia2014
    Cover of EX, 2014-07-15, CDEX
    CD, Album, Promo, HQCD
    Traffic Inc. – TRCP-168Japan2014Japan2014
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    • jelenart's avatar
      Great review, thanks. Pretty sure the album was done live for a Prada show (not Dior)... I think it was meant to be a collaboration between the two art forms. I recall there was a lot of fun fur on display and many pale gaunt faces, so might have worked even? (jk)
      • mose909's avatar
        There is but one track on this album that can stand with Plastikman's legendary tracks from the 90's. Largely, this is the sound of a well run dry.
        • jondavey's avatar
          This is progressive acid music. I don't see why so many people have a problem with that. If you want Chicago 1986 then buy a TRAX record.
          • exumer's avatar
            A fitting tribute to Pete Namlook
            • aguycalledchoo's avatar
              I am waiting for the remix LP too
              • code303's avatar
                Edited 7 years ago
                I trust Hawtin's quality control and producer's skills more than any (discogs) reviewer's grizzle.
                • Afrosheen's avatar
                  This review is for the Vinyl 2LP set.

                  To begin with, the pressing I received is fairly poor quality. The lead in for a few minutes on album 1 track 1 pops, clicks and has surface noise. I ran the album through the Spin Clean, cleaned the stylus (Nagaoka MP110) with the MoFi brush and cleaner, used a carbon fiber brush and even hit the record with the Milty anti-stat gun a few times for good measure. Upon closer inspection there appears to be junk dug into the grooves, perhaps a chemical thumbprint during pressing. Tried microfiber cloth and naptha, wouldn't move.

                  Past the nasty intro, the music really settles into a hypnotic, ever-evolving groove that Plastikman earned his name with. If you're reading this and not familiar with Plastikman, you should start your journey with Sheet One and move forward from there. This is minimal techno at its finest from one of the pioneers. Despite moving to digital hardware running software algorithms to mimic the tried-and-true 303 (Devilfish)/808/909 combo he rose to fame with, the sound is close enough and infinitely more predictable and precise for a live set with multiple machines running in harmony to produce the music. This is a high definition recording of the live set performed at New York's Guggenheim museum for a Christian Dior fundraiser of some sort. The live set looks like it had all the right elements (light, sound, performance) but with an audience that couldn't care less. Thankfully, there are Ibiza and other outdoor sets more suited to the audience; videos of these performances are easily found online.

                  Back to the music. Despite some long-time fans criticizing Richie Hawtin for his "lack of progression" with this album after all these years, he is still the master of the genre and does what he does extremely well here. In some ways it feels like a throwback to Sheet One, Musik and other earlier releases, and that's not a bad thing. Some artists progress to the point where no semblance of their roots are anywhere to be found and never revisit the seed that grew their genius and carved out a niche for their music to begin with. I was afraid, with recent releases like Closer and, to a certain extent, Consumed, that Plastikman was progressing, but not in the way I wanted or expected him to. This is, above all else, a return to his roots with some new tricks to add dimension. The cacophonic, thumping urgency of Helikopter would not be welcome here, but the madness that spawned it is definitely present, only older, wiser and more subdued.

                  The album slow-burns towards a climax by side D when EXhale encourages you to breathe along with the track. It's a fitting end to the journey, like the end of an acid trip, calculated and carefully bringing you back down to reality as your nerves settle and serotonin falls back to normal levels.

                  Are there "better" Plastikman albums? Probably. It's all subjective and I won't pretend to be a music critic. But for the simple fact that it's something new by a legendary DJ and pioneer, it's worth your time to explore the journey. Albums like this are extremely rare in this part of the century and it's a shame there aren't more. I look forward to the next.
                  • 2trancentral's avatar
                    Finally some melody.
                    • player's avatar
                      Edited 5 years ago
                      After cautiously buying this album after its mixed reception that cane with some unfair comments and un-just reviews! I'm glad to say it was a worthy purchase. I do really like this album! EX is a album that atmospherically & musically sits somewhere in-between Musik, From Within, and Consumed. Influences from these albums can be heard across sections of EX - a good thing for those who prefer the deeper subconscious moods in minimal techno. Probably best approached to be listened as a whole rather then skipping or fast-forwarding tracks, only then you will fully absorb the albums moods, development, and atmospheric creation, Developed around a minimalism techno concept with some excellent use of absorbing atmospheres that manage to blend both cold and warm moods. Plastikman's classic sound & style of stripped down addictive Kick-drum/ 4/4 drum machine programming, sparse low-key sub-bass rhythms, hypnotic deep pulses and low-key synth manipulating approach to his techno and acid loops are all here executed with Plastikman's hallmark with his analogue minimal equipment approach! 'Ex' is both minimalistic and dark sounding, yet also quiet harmonizing with a sense of deep engaging depth too. Music that at times can feel provoking with its feeling of isolation due to its dense claustrophobic atmospheres, yet also at times quiet mind stimulating with ts minimal warmer analogue sounds and the hypnotic-harmony in his synth patterns and loops. This certainly is a combination of deep, dark, & a thoughtful formula that work incredibly well as a whole. For me, 'EX', did feel more a studio album, rather then recorded `Live', which in honesty would never thought of being recorded live if not mentioned! 'Ex' remains a worthy album that certainly should not be ignored or simply judged because of some of the 'hop-on bandwagon' over critical reviewers have decided to slate the album. This is music with quality giving you an absorbing journey into the classic Plastikman minimal signature sound music - the reason we buy Plastikman music! Yet also delivers the goods in atmospherrs & moods to great effect making this a worthy purchase.

                      • Cardia1's avatar
                        Edited 8 years ago
                        "Ex" is a fine Album, not so good as "Consumed" or "closer" but better than "sheet one", "Musik" ,"Plastik recycled" and "Artifakts BC".This is a good example how Plastikman sound should have begin in its career. This Album has several good melodys and it doesn´t sound to much acid or noisy, it can be stimulating for imagination without addictions. Its a experience lived in a dark and sci-fi world. This release should have more time music though, and then again it does not contain the same variety of expressions and geniality as "Consumed" or "Closer".
                        "Exhale" track sounds like a resume of Plastikman History, hopefully not a end to its career .
                        I hope There will be more upcoming Plastikman Albums.

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