Sleepygirl 15:23
Sleepygirl 25:10
Sleepygirl 35:59
Sleepygirl 45:24
Sleepygirl 56:02
Sleepygirl 65:08
Sleepygirl 75:20
Sleepygirl 86:03
Sleepygirl 95:26
Sleepygirl 105:04
Sleepygirl 116:14
Sleepygirl 126:19

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    Cover of Sleepygirls, 2014-06-16, CDSleepygirls
    CD, Album
    Delsin – 106dsr/ygy-cd1Netherlands2014Netherlands2014
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    Cover of Sleepygirls, 2014-06-16, VinylSleepygirls
    3×LP, Album
    Delsin – 106dsr/ygy-lp1Netherlands2014Netherlands2014
    Cover of Sleepygirls, 2014-06-16, VinylSleepygirls
    3×LP, Album, Limited Edition, Brown Translucent Marbled
    Delsin – 106dsr/ygy-lp1Netherlands2014Netherlands2014
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    Cover of Sleepygirls, 2014-06-16, FileSleepygirls
    12×File, FLAC, Album, Mixed
    Delsin – 106dsrNetherlands2014Netherlands2014
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    Cover of Sleepygirls, 2014-06-16, FileSleepygirls
    12×File, WAV, Album, Mixed
    Delsin – 106dsrNetherlands2014Netherlands2014
    Cover of Sleepygirls, 2014-06-16, CDSleepygirls
    CD, Album
    Delsin – 106DSRCDJPJapan2014Japan2014
    New Submission
    Cover of Sleepygirls, 2014-06-23, FileSleepygirls
    12×File, AIFF, Album; File, AIFF, Mixed
    Delsin – 106 DSR20142014
    New Submission
    • Maistro19's avatar
      The dynamics and the overall sound on this LP is on point. Sounds excellent on my Dali Oberon 7 system, even without any subwoofers. In my humble opinion this is a very soothing album. Worth to listen to it, if you like the dub-techno genre.
      • thruwithbuzz's avatar
        Forgettable release, soppy vibes. Sounds like music for upscale adult video content
        • Impulsteve's avatar
          Picked up my copy of the repress this afternoon! Repress seems to be exactly the same as this one.
          • sunshower's avatar
            In the beginning it took a while to get used to this release, but in the end it turns out to be one my favorite Yagya albums.
            So the repress, which is coming up, is much appreciated.
            • tonumaa's avatar
              I think I have listened this album from start to finish at least 30 times, it never gets old. 5 stars!
              • ugk.records's avatar
                The vinyl versions of each track have been specially mixed with random LFOs, sonic quirks and unique fingerprints making them the subtly different to the CD version, but overall this is a brain soothing and mind melting album that can soundtrack lazy days, long summer afternoons and warm winter evenings in equal style.
                • calipheron's avatar
                  Edited 8 years ago
                  Yagya refuses to go the predictable route and stagnate into noisy dub-stab nothingness. Though "Inescapable Decay" offered generic lyrics, Mr Guðmundsson persists with vocals in this new outing Sleepygirls. And that's fine by me. Sleepygirls is pleasingly uptempo, propulsive (as dub techno goes), and melodic. Guitar strains, beautiful vocal lines from Hatis and Natsuko (I'd argue she's _underused_, more please!), synth flutters and the usual dense reverb wash. The continuous mixing provides a measure of narrative, beginning slow and soft with 1-4 and 6 onwards morphing to more rhythmic, faster vibes. 6 is a perfect example of how this kind of dubtechno should be made and at a propulsive tempo that prevents boredom. You should know what you're getting if you try this, and it isn't disappointing in the slightest. No, this isn't another Rhythm Of Snow, but it IS still Yagya. He's moved on once again and this is welcome. Another shot in the arm for one of the sleepiest techno genres.
                  • donovanshane63's avatar
                    well i have been a fan of Yagya one of icelands finest for deep minimal sounds & drippy sounds of rain but i must say i love this new release SleepyGirls cd saying that 3 vinyls for 22eurs is great value this is a must for me & i can say many more will enjoy it congrats to Aoalsteinn for this nice collection of tracks & to the great Label Delsin
                    • The-1-and-Holy's avatar
                      BACK TO FORM, enough said.
                      • adam01's avatar
                        Edited 4 years ago

                        ;-/ Seems like this LP could have benefitted from some new sound sources or more attention to mining new sonics.

                        It simply brings nothing new to the Yagya table. Other then a sax being played on a track, of female vocals, the core music is forgettable.

                        Revisited 6/11/18
                        After revisiting this LP, I think my expectations influenced my initial reaction and review. Though this album does not change things up from a Yagya sound perspective, it does however create a positive and warm atmosphere. It is never rough, harsh or lame. It continues down a chill vibe, and is also great music to have on the background when receiving body work.

                        Yagya is a talented producer, and he has my respect.

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