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Sub Sonix4:44
Force Format4:55

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3 versions
Cover of Escape EP, 1993, VinylEscape EP
12", EP, 45 RPM
Rabbit City Records – *007UK1993UK1993
Cover of Escape EP, 1993, VinylEscape EP
12", Promo, White Label, EP, 45 RPM
Stamped Label
Rabbit City Records – CUT 007UK1993UK1993
Cover of Escape EP, , VinylEscape EP
12", EP, Repress, 45 RPM
Rabbit City Records – *007UKUK
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'Feel the panic' vocal in Panic is sampled from The Badman Is Robin by UK hip hop crew Hijack
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'Panic' samples the opening stab from The Prodigy's 'Fire' Sunrise version.
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Edited one year ago
Esthisis when it gets to the stab part..rocking, played a set where i just looped that stab and added a beat, people went mad. Very clever bloke Mike Wells was, up there with Ramos,Supreme,SS etc for the late 92, early 93 breakbeat hardcore days of thunder. All the tracks on this EP are great but i myself love a good stab.
DJ_Choonz's avatar
This record is a MUST HAVE for any Old Skool Hardcore fan. Most people would remember the fun and very energetic Panic however the other 3 tracks are also pure class, well constructed and produced Techno tunes. Esthisis is more on the serious side but packed full of energy. Sub Sonix is a driving Acid tune with a beautiful synth and vocal drop. Force Format is a little more laid back but a pleasurable acid punctuated Techno Breakbeat tune. All tunes still sound really great today. Quality always stands the test of time.
Lukeyp's avatar
Its all about Panic for me. Never tire of this track. Proper Belter of a track with some of my favourite rave stabs and some great Hip Hop Vox sampling
m12tanuki's avatar
I'll keep this brief. This record is dope. Peace from Los Angeles.
hall104's avatar
All about Panic for me. still holds up today.
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Edited 3 years ago
Very good Ep, i think probably the best Force Mass released. Sub Sonix is the most well known track but Esthisis is a tune!. All are very good and defo part of the sounds of that time. Esthisis!.... All good tunes though, Panic samples Economix.
BlueMoonWax's avatar
EPs were so good back in these days, at least 3 of these could be title tracks in their own right, and all in different styles
RageReset's avatar
Have to agree with hyperreal - Sub Sonix is an absolutely exquisite piece of digital magic. An absolute floor-filler which everyone should own. There are plenty of awesome FMM tracks, but this one stands alone. Definitely a sunrise track.