VHS HeadPersistence Of Vision



Enter The Devil4:47
Don't Look In The Closet4:12
Gas Human No.13:35
Mutant Nights2:08
Camera Eyes4:33
Red Ocean Apocalypse5:07
Dead To Morrow3:12
Tracking The Moon Beast3:42
Body Magic5:33
Farewell Africa2:21
Do You Understand?2:36
Angels Never Sleep4:43

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    Cover of Persistence Of Vision, 2014-05-26, CDPersistence Of Vision
    CD, Album
    Skam – SKALD030UK2014UK2014
    New Submission
    Cover of Persistence Of Vision, 2014-08-13, VinylPersistence Of Vision
    2×LP, Album, 180 Gram
    Skam – SKALP030UK2014UK2014
    New Submission



    • Exoralogoistic's avatar
      What can I say? Ade Blacow is by far and away one of the best electronic music producers out there period. Densely layered slivers of old VHS samples stitched together to reveal more than the sum of their parts. On first listen you might only catch a small amount of detail. Listening to PoV on headphones you can discover so many more intricacies, I find myself just playing back certain sections to try and decipher the tiniest of details in the same way I playback a verse from an MC to catch what was said. Trademark Ribbons of Gold got me hooked, this album shows an advancement in style, mood and composition. I can only imagine what's next. I cannot wait
      • simcclure's avatar
        This album is overwhelming on its first listen, and with the exception of a handful of tracks, didn't leave a lasting impression on me. However throughout the week, I've kept coming back to the album, and revisiting it's tracks as they become more and more familiar. The heavy production, and relentless attitude this album delivers means it's far too easy to miss detail on the first listen... however I can see myself coming back to this for many years to come.

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