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    Cover of A1-B1, 2007-10-00, VinylA1-B1
    12", 33 ⅓ RPM, 45 RPM, Limited Edition
    Skam – SKA028.1UK2007UK2007
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    Cover of C1-D1, 2007-10-00, VinylC1-D1
    12", 33 ⅓ RPM, 45 RPM, Limited Edition
    Skam – SKA028.2UK2007UK2007
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    Cover of A1-D1, 2007-10-22, CDA1-D1
    CD, Album
    Skam – SKA028CDUK2007UK2007
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    Cover of A1-D1, 2007-10-22, FileA1-D1
    6×File, FLAC, Album, Stereo
    Skam – SKA028UK2007UK2007
    Cover of A1-D1, 2007-10-22, FileA1-D1
    6×File, MP3, Album, Stereo, VBR
    Skam – none20072007



    • daftcombo's avatar
      I completely forgot about this record, bought eight years ago. But, playing it again today, I was amazed: it is damn, damn good! Funky, nasty, acid tracks...
      Now I'd like Gescom to release new stuff!
      • Headphone_Commute's avatar
        Gestalt Communications returns after four years of silence, with two 12"s on Skam. The same release is repackaged into a mini white album with a clear sticker announcing in Braille its abbreviated name. The rest is just bar code and catalog number. The six tracks contain chopped up, effed up, transposed and twisted samples from classics like the 1978 disco, Space Dust, by Galactic Force Band; the 1994 acid track Downfall by Armando; 1993 ambient piece by David Byrne and Brian Eno, Come With Us; and a Chicago house track, No Way Back, from 1986 by Adonis. As always, the true identity behind the Gescom collective remain unknown, and we can only guess at the names of the usual suspects. Of course, Skam does not shed any light on the obscured artists either. What we can extract from this release is that it's as dirty, mental, and sick acid flashback as we could possibly anticipate. Whether Sean Booth or Rob Brown were involved, we can only presume, but will never know. What we can be sure of, is that A1-D1 sounds nothing like the 2008 album by Autechre, Quaristice. Perhaps Russel Haswell or Rob Hall had another hand at this. But since Gescom (aka, friends of Autechre) is a project of almost twenty different people, the digging and guessing is a moot point. Ignore the mystery and enjoy the release if you like abstract IDM by the above mentioned names plus AFX, The Tuss, Lego Feet, Jega, Clark, and Mr. 76ix. And I really dig A1.
        • WGYSS's avatar
          The scariest Gestalt Communications release yet. A group that never has any set agenda for style or genre, this one again (as we've only come to expect) is all over the board.

          This is the Gescom release that is most like being at an amusement park you've never heard of and having some odd anamatronic characters tell you inappropriate things - not perverted things, just inappropriate things, like things that don't make any sense or were wrong for the situation.

          It also doesn't feel like the normal Autechre base players were involved or at least as involved in this one. Kind of an oddball release for Gescom, if that could happen.

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