DissidentenJungle Book Part II



Other Side
Jungle Book Part II (Mantra-Trance Mix)9:25
This Side
Jungle Book Part II (B-Zet Mix)6:32

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    Cover of Jungle Book Part II, 1994, VinylJungle Book Part II
    12", 45 RPM
    Eye Q Records – EYE-Spec. 001 V, Eye Q Records – EYE-Spec.001VGermany1994Germany1994
    Cover of Jungle Book Part II, 1994, CDJungle Book Part II
    CD, Maxi-Single
    Eye Q Records – EYE SPEC. 001Germany1994Germany1994
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    Jungle Book Part II (Remix)
    12", Single Sided
    Exil – EXIL 5531-6Germany1994Germany1994
    Cover of Jungle Book Pt II, 1994, VinylJungle Book Pt II
    12", 45 RPM
    Eye Q Records – EYE SPEC 001Germany1994Germany1994
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    • chimushi's avatar
      This great track [Mantra-trance mix] mix could easily fit into the genre of Classic Goa Trance............It is that good. Uncredited Sven Vath Mix. So many deep, multi-dimensional levels and layers moving in perfect synchronization in this track. What a journey......blown away. 1994 perfection. 5 stars.
      • alpcelebi93's avatar
        Edited one year ago
        Phenomenal record!

        B-Zet mix is spectacular. Elements blend together masterfully and offer a hypnotic ride with enchanting vocals. Nothing unusual for B-Zet here of course, the guy is exceptionally talented (also check out Blue Illusion and Capriole 3 from him).

        But Mantra-Trance mix, just wow... It is out-of-this-fucking-world!!! Extremely hypnotic elements and rich soundscapes take you on a journey among parallel universes.... Mind blow guaranteed!!
        • eyqq's avatar
          The B-Z remix cognitively throws my thoughts to the track "Maya & Aliens" found on a double album titled "A Mission Into Drums"!

          Sunday morning temple music!
          • TimReade's avatar
            That's a lot of tune for 43p! B-Zet remix pretty much defined the scene when it came out. Lovely stuff <3
            • neurodynamo's avatar
              Edited 9 years ago
              Steffen Britzke's (B-Zet) masterpiece of Tribal Ambient Dance ! This is one of the best remix tunes on Eye-Q records if not ever ! Starts off with a haunting ambient intro focusing in on a progressive beat/bassline, 2.18 fantastic vocal spaceship sample, 2.45 dreamy synth kicks in, 3.13 the screech of ecstasy appears and then 3.40 a tribal chanting rhythm that infects your consciousness, then repeating till the ending ambient outro. Do you love me, I love you ! Timeless beauty !

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