Jaydee - Plastic Dreams jeromy

November 24, 2018
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referencing Plastic Dreams , 12", S/Sided, Ltd, RS PLASTIC DREAMS
These single sided reissues of legendary R&S tracks are great with a dedicated side to itself but would be even better if they cut the same tune on both sides.

Jaydee - Plastic Dreams johnnybrookes70

June 13, 2018
referencing Plastic Dreams, 12", DTR 1045

brilliant tune quality never ages been filling dancehalls and raves since 93

Jaydee - Plastic Dreams as reviewed by Stuck_In_1992

October 22, 2017
referencing Plastic Dreams, 12", RS 92027
To paraphrase the Spatula City sketch in the movie UHF, ".......I loved this record so much....... I bought the T-shirt"

Not much more can be said other then this record crosses over so many genres (House, Techno, and U.K. Ardkore) that it can be used in a variety of DJ sets which is really nice. However I will specifically say that my favorite aspect of this record is that it uses the amen breakbeat from World Dominance "Compression" with a phaser effect over top. I've pointed this out to friends but it's so well hidden that very few pick up on this. I would like to hear a slight remix of this that adds a louder non phased version of said breakbeat to drive home the point better. Never the less, what a brilliant track and I really did buy the T-shirt in 1993 at the local record shop. I still have it, it's pretty yellowed from use, but I'm not throwing it out.

Jaydee - Plastic Dreams marcosbeatdis

October 21, 2018
referencing Plastic Dreams, 12", RS 92027
Which T-shirt is this one? I want one too. this is one of my top 10 tracks of my life

Jaydee - Plastic Dreams (Mixes) Doontheburn

August 5, 2017
referencing Plastic Dreams (Mixes), 12", RSGB 101T
2 editions here for the general uk release. The first one comes in a stickered sleeve with track listing etc, the later editions came without a sticker on the sleeve.

Jaydee - Plastic Dreams lookingformusik

June 12, 2017
referencing Plastic Dreams , 12", S/Sided, Ltd, RS PLASTIC DREAMS

Excellent pressing! Plays at 33 RPM but sounds like 45! Nice work.

Jaydee - Plastic Dreams as reviewed by France-Wa

April 25, 2017
referencing Plastic Dreams , 12", S/Sided, Ltd, RS PLASTIC DREAMS
I was afraid to have a bad pressing/mastering but it's not the case. Very good one !

Jaydee - Plastic Dreams Johnmarcus

February 16, 2017
referencing Plastic Dreams, 12", RS 92027

I was fortunate enough to pick up on this tune really early on and remember playing this to a few friends who weren't that impressed, but it was a very different story when those first few notes dropped in a middle of set on a big sound system !
There's plenty of mixes to chose from, especially with all the remixes over the years, but for me its all about the Long Mix. With its synth / organ intro that instantly has your attention followed by the simplistic percussive loop with the organ and synth rifts building and morphing throughout the track keeping you interest all the way through.
One of the seminal house tracks that seemed to crossover all genres.

Jaydee - Plastic Dreams Launchballer

February 26, 2017
referencing Plastic Dreams, 12", RS 92027
Hi, is there any difference between the 10:35 version on this vinyl and the 10:15 versions on YouTube? If it's only a matter of whitespace, I'm probably not going to order; if it finishes rather than fades out, I probably will.

Jaydee - Plastic Dreams '97 ledjfab

February 1, 2017
referencing Plastic Dreams '97, CD, Maxi, TR 008-8
The Angel Moraes remix of "Plastic Dreams '97" is actually based on Jaydee's 2000 Remake (from 1996) and consists of samples taken from 1:00 to 1:06 and 1:14 to 1:18. First released in a longer version on 12'' and re-edited (very abruptly) at 5:08 for the commercial release.Minimal work, but I like the mysterious feel about it.
David Morales version samples 'Keep On Jumpin' by Todd Terry, which itself sampled the chords of the original disco version by Musique.

Jaydee - Plastic Dreams AskeladdenBlack

June 12, 2016
referencing Plastic Dreams, 12", RS 92027
What no one has mentioned is that Plastic Dreams crossed genres and was played by house dj's, techno dj's & trance dj's there are only a handful of tracks that have done this so seamlessly.

Jaydee - Plastic Dreams geo79

January 21, 2019
referencing Plastic Dreams, 12", RS 92027
true...the only other record i can think is DJ Rolando's_Jaguar

Jaydee - Plastic Dreams Sven_Carl

February 7, 2016
referencing Plastic Dreams, 12", RS 92027
Great trance track using house rythm. Love this tune. The long version is really hypnotizing.

Jaydee - Plastic Dreams as reviewed by GoodNF

September 14, 2015
referencing Plastic Dreams, 12", RS 92027
It all started 1992 when I was listening to a compilation album named "Natural Elements 2" on which the tune was added as a bonus. Somehow, the track inspired me more than the entire DJ mix preceding it... even though the track was only 3:22 long. It was different from what used to be done in The Netherlands before; keep in mind that in 1992, using a Hammond organ in house music was something only done by either New York house labels such as Nervous or Strictly Rhythm, or acid jazz DJs/producers who were mixing late 1960s Blue Note album tracks full of swinging Hammond organ solos with then current house beats.

When another compilation "For Those Who Like To Groove 2" came onto the market, we could hear the full ten minutes of "Plastic Dreams" for the first time. At that time, the track was still not released as a single; it was not even meant to be a single. Robin Albers was actually working on a track named "Single Minded People" (also featured on FTWLTG2) and he needed a B-side for the twelve inch release...
After the audience gave more positive response to Plastic Dreams rather than Single Minded People, it was decided to flip the record and make Plastic Dreams the A-side.

The track became a hit all over Europe and even in the United States where Epic released the track. In the meantime, Jaydee made new versions (groove, trance, tribal) but in my opinion, these are not as good as the original.

Since 1997, the track was re-issued almost every year with new mixes but none of them (including the remixes by Mr. Albers himself) could match the original. Nevertheless, these remixes showed that the track was easy to reshape for a different musical style; listen how Boom Boom Satellites makes a bigbeat version of it.

When I'm writing this, more than 20 years have passed and "Plastic Dreams" remains one of those pieces of music one should not try to improve with a remix. Sometimes, one should leave a tune as it is and let the music speak for itself.

Jaydee - Plastic Dreams guilhermexavier

August 10, 2015
referencing Plastic Dreams, 12", 49 74992
I remember, back in 1997, watching the video at TV, that colorful-lisergic-flowers popping and fading in and out, as if the music was being drawn at the screen. That was the second time I heard the tune and since then it is one of my favorites ever.

Jaydee - Plastic Dreams as reviewed by pananusblue

July 17, 2014
referencing Plastic Dreams, 12", RS 92027
There's really not much to say here beyond, 'classic.'

Jaydee - Plastic Dreams (The Limited Edition Remix Collection) as reviewed by moslondon9960

April 8, 2012
referencing Plastic Dreams (The Limited Edition Remix Collection), CD, Maxi, Ltd, TR 059/CD

Jaydee – Plastic Dreams (The Limited Edition Remix Collection), It's a Great House Album From Total Recall Records in 1997, Great and Classic Melody and Drum Loops. We Love It.

Jaydee - Plastic Dreams WeedMusic

February 18, 2012
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referencing Plastic Dreams, 12", 49 74992
Recently I was visiting NYC, record shopping. We went to Junior's in Brooklyn for dinner. We were sitting by the bar and they had a DJ playing dance classics. I looked up once I noticed what the DJ was doing. When we got there he was spinning early 70's tunes like Manu Dibango's "Soul Makossa", and moving through the 70's and 80's chronologically. All his choices were essential, but then he got to the 90's and "Plastic Dreams" comes on. I was not into dance music when this first came out, so the tune never really registered with me, until that night. There were already a few people dancing in the corner, but when "Plastic Dreams" came on, people just lit up and started dancing, they were line dancing with choreographed moves. Watching old and young people in Junior's dancing in unison to this tune made me realize what a amazing track this tune is, the DJ played all 10+ minutes the people line danced for the whole song. So I slept on this classic for 20 years until I heard it in the right time at the right place and all the pieces came together.

Jaydee - Plastic Dreams VladdyPants

May 7, 2014
referencing Plastic Dreams, 12", 49 74992
Cant resonnate more with your comment. In the last 15 years I must have come across this record about 100+ times going through stacks of vinyl. I too, someohow slept on this beauty for so long until recently. Great story...

Jaydee - Plastic Dreams jmg8onces

June 21, 2010
referencing Plastic Dreams, 12", RS 92027
perfection,it doesnt get better than this tune!,simple but so effective,it brings back so many good memories of nights out long ago

Jay Dee* - Plastic Dreams as reviewed by vkubrick

June 9, 2010
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referencing Plastic Dreams, 7", RS7-92027

Absolute release, in any format, including a simple 7" jukebox record. The 3 minutes is like a sample of a full record, but is enought to make me crazy.

Jaydee - Plastic Dreams as reviewed by heliommm

August 5, 2008
referencing Plastic Dreams, CD, Maxi, SPV 055-66613

Plastic Dreams, the 1993 super dance floor blast hit. We are talking about here of the history of Dance Music: this is one of the best dance music tracks ever made. The "Original Long Version" it a 10 minute climb into pure ecstasy, slowly growing with patience: pure energy into your brain! I believe that the texture and patterns used were innovating for those days, and touch geniality. I had the opportunity to see Mr. Jaydee live (playing this music at 5am!) at a rave party at an ancient Portuguese castle.

Jaydee - Plastic Dreams (Remixes) as reviewed by tonymasud

March 1, 2008
referencing Plastic Dreams (Remixes), 12", RS 97125 X
Boom Boom Satellites remix is one of those tracks that spun my head a couple of times around it's axis the first time I heard it. it's a very original interpretation and bring alot of new elements while blending in the wellknown organ, the drums & bell pad.

The bassline is beefed up hard and backed up with a downtuned distorted guitar, a key element in most early BBS productions. Some rock drums have been added along with Jaydee's classic drumrhythm. Track builds up pretty hard and then the organ is introduced but it isn't played in it's usual melody, BBS have rearranged the phrase and it's well executed.

Looking at the track 10 years after it was released it's a very big-beat influenced sound to it, both Norman Cook & The Chemical Brothers used to do remixes like this and it's hard not call it dated since the overwhelming backlash of 'Big Beat'. But I don't really care since the remix is that well done and it stands head over shoulders with the countless remixes that have been done of this classic over the years.