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    JMJ & FlytronixIn Too Deep / Delusions

    Style:Drum n Bass


    This Side
    In Too Deep
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    Cover of In Too Deep (Blame Remix) / Delusions Pt. 2, 1996-09-30, VinylIn Too Deep (Blame Remix) / Delusions Pt. 2
    10", 33 ⅓ RPM
    Moving Shadow – SHADOW 84R, Moving Shadow – UK SHADOW 84RUK1996UK1996
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    Cover of In Too Deep / Delusions, 1996-05-20, VinylIn Too Deep / Delusions
    12", 33 ⅓ RPM
    Moving Shadow – SHADOW 84, Moving Shadow – UK SHAOW 84UK1996UK1996
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    Cover of In Too Deep / Delusions, 1996, VinylIn Too Deep / Delusions
    12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Promo
    Moving Shadow – SHADOW 84UK1996UK1996
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    Cover of In Too Deep / Delusions, 1996, VinylIn Too Deep / Delusions
    12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Test Pressing
    Moving Shadow – SHADOW 84UK1996UK1996
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    Cover of In Too Deep / Delusions, , FileIn Too Deep / Delusions
    2×File, WAV
    Moving Shadow – SHADOW84UKUK
    New Submission
    Cover of In Too Deep (Blame Remix) / Delusions Pt 2, , FileIn Too Deep (Blame Remix) / Delusions Pt 2
    2×File, WAV
    Moving Shadow – SHADOW84RUKUK
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    displacement's avatar
    Can take all your lookinggoods and goodlookings and leave me in peace, this Moving Shadow release is all I need to truly brock out. Top tunes, and I think all mixes of In Too Deep are just great anyway.
    PhilLawton's avatar
    One of those tracks (much like everything on disc two of 'Logical Progression') that can create a chemical change in your brain.

    Majestic, elegant...just perfect.
    Collector_Cave_Guy's avatar
    Delusions Part 2 is a heavenley intelliegent amen workout, with spooky atmosphere and great programming
    Stereochemistry's avatar
    Acquired this one for 'In Too Deep' but found that 'Delusions' is now my pick of the two. Both sides are solid.
    Collector_Cave_Guy's avatar
    'In Too Deep', sit back, close your eyes and just smile as the beautiful pads, dreamy beats and lush Rhodes wash over you. This is what made me take note of the lighter side of D&B back in the mid nineties after hearing this on many sets. The flip is equally gorgeous just less well known. A pleasing Amen roller of high quality with lovely melodies, well crafter drum licks and soaring vocal grabs. This is a stunning 12" release on one of the best dance labels ever. After this the quality of Shadow stuff started to dip and the mood became more angry, techy and depressing.
    DJSIKsf's avatar
    If I could only take 5 drum n bass 12" to listen to forever on a desert island, this would be my first pick. Both sides are AMAZING, a perfect harmony of energy and beauty. In Too Deep has made me cry before. First heard it on Logical Progression and took me awhile to procure the 12", but since purchase one of these tracks always makes it into my old atmospheric throwback sets.
    soulbeatrunner's avatar
    Amazing track played by Fabio and LTJ back in the day that shows just how beautiful drum and bass can be - In Too Deep -
    lancelot323's avatar
    One of the finest moments in Liquid, this is a release to get your hands on.

    "In Too Deep" starts off quietly, gently, and then the break comes in. Lush pads, rolling breaks, and the Rhodes on top of it make this one to chill to.

    "Delusions" is, in contrast, dark, atmospheric funk. Nice pads here, good break, and then 4 minutes in, the amen comes in. Beautifully done!
    Alain_Patrick's avatar
    Edited 14 years ago
    If you're looking for the most elegant shape of atmospheric Drum n' Bass, that's a 12 inch you definitely should get: "In Too Deep / Delusions" by the duo Jay Hurren (A.K.A. JMJ, later member of E-Z Rollers) and Danny Demierre (Flytronix).
    "In Too Deep" (a tricky word combination for the expression 'Into Deep') has a very charming oscillating syth pad lines, dub notes and elegant pianos on the A Side, creating an sharp & accurate sense of elegance and futurism.
    "What you're experiencing is a free-form delusion" says the dub vocals on the opening of "Delusions", a fantastic example of atmospheric Drum n' Bass, though built on a very solid combination of Breakbeat patterns. The Breaks mixture is absolutely astonishing and includes filtering and reconstructions of fragments, from filtered "Funky Mule" breaks (by Ike Turner's Kings Of Rhythm, 1969) to other types of Breakbeats - all surrounded by spacey-atmospheric synth pads & beautiful notes. The drop out is special, and after a female scream in dub, the opening 'free-form delusion' dub vocals appear again, followed by another powerful breakbeats combination (the Funky Mule breaks, present again, are at the core of all "Delusions"). The dub perspective is as well present on other lines of notes.