Darko & GainerAyahuaska (Reprise)3:53
Richard DavisIn The Air5:38
Two Lone SwordsmenGlide By Shooting5:00
Casa FlavaHoma6:00
Alexander KowalskiScarpia5:14
Bill MakrisHoney5:33
RolasoulLost In Power (Dub)6:00
Bill MakrisDreams5:30
Alvredo & Matthew DekaySymbiosis (Herbal Dub)7:00
Grant Dell & Jay TripwireSlo Roast4:00
Tigerhook Corp. Presents Randall JonesCultural Assertion6:38
Agent 001Bubblebath (16B Remix)6:38
The PQM Project*Aenema7:05
ChabCloser To Me (Renaissance Mix)7:37
Josh WinkOakish5:55
T-EmpoFouk (Acapella)
21st Century Planet SmashersUnderground Night Music (Dub)8:02
Dean Coleman & Hernán CattáneoBehind The Music6:25
Gregory Shiff & Morgan PageAll I Know (Hernan Cattaneo & Martin Garcia Remix)9:43
Alex DolbyHazy Way5:40
QuestThe Shepherd7:08
Steve MayOpen Day (Original Mix)7:53
Danny Howells & Stef VrolijkPhono Corono (16 Bit Lolitas Mix 1)6:24
Grand ResonantCentral5:54
Age Of LoveThe Age Of Love (Wrecked Angle Remix)5:51

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    Cover of The Masters Series, 2004-02-16, CDThe Masters Series
    2×CD, Mixed, Compilation
    Renaissance – REN11CDUK2004UK2004
    Recently Edited
    Cover of Renaissance: The Masters Series, 2004-01-27, CDRenaissance: The Masters Series
    2×CD, Compilation, Mixed, Cardboard Slipcase
    Thrive Records – 90717-2US2004US2004
    Recently Edited
    Cover of The Masters Series, 2004, CDThe Masters Series
    2×CD, Compilation, Mixed, Unofficial Release
    Renaissance (3) – REN11CDRussia2004Russia2004
    New Submission
    Cover of Renaissance: The Masters Series, 2004, CDRenaissance: The Masters Series
    2×CD, Compilation, Mixed, Promo, Plastic Sleeve
    Renaissance Recordings – REN11CDPROMOUS2004US2004
    New Submission
    Cover of The Masters Series, 2004, CDThe Masters Series
    2×CD, Mixed, Compilation
    Renaissance – EQREN00CDAustralia2004Australia2004
    New Submission


    • gba1982's avatar
      Still till this date, this my favorite of all the mixes he did. And yes better than his recent renaissance and balance mixes. It sounds the most real & true to me, its deep, dark & groovy and has that underground sound to it. Difficult to choose favorite tracks, but disc one doest it the most for me.
      • cartelmartel's avatar
        disc 1 is probably the only mix out of the masters series i enjoy from start to finish. i find a lot of mixes out there for me anyway, there is a track or 2 in the mix which just doesnt work or it doesnt flow, ye its opinion but whatever, what im saying is this disc 1 is spot on. i treat it like a treasure and the artworks nice to look at, really fancy looking
        • gandalf_the_grey's avatar
          Edited 16 years ago
          I also like the first set, but I must say that the 2nd for me is where it is all that. Given the wrap on the first I'll go straight to the 2nd which i believe is a great deal better.

          From the opening track of the set, it sets a grinding bass driven progressive tone that is fantastic. Not sure about the Josh Wink but after that the set gets into driving some huge tracks that make this overall one of my top mix compilation CDs in the collection.

          Well worth your while if you haven't picked it up yet.
          • skopp's avatar
            Edited 16 years ago
            I too was not very impressed with the second disc...I felt it started off on the wrong tone. The first three tracks don't fit in there (they make the cd feel like a label promo). They tarnish the 'serious' tone of the comp.

            CD1, however.....whoa! CD1 blew me away the very first time I heard it. Ayahuaska ...In my opinion this is the most brilliant track ever made; it seems to mature every few months when I listen to it again. From there Cattaneo proves that mixing can be an art when he glides through 12 other genious tracks. The mixing is coherent. Each track is intelligent and deep-edged.

            This compilation is unique and tasteful. I picked it up off the shelf when I was new in the scene. When I heard it I just thought 'what quality music'. Still sends chills down my spine today.
            • seaneth18's avatar
              Edited 17 years ago
              Fantastic first half set here, beginning with 'Ayahuaska' is an excellent intro track. 'Scarpia' by Alexander Kowalski is repetitive but provides a very deep bass grove with stirring echoes. Other noteworthy songs include 'Cultural Assertion' and 'Aenema'.

              Not too impressed with the second half set from Hernan, but can't go wrong with the Howells track 'Phono Crono'.

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