Dom + Roland*Trauma3:19
John B.*Olé4:27
The Architex + DJ Loxy*Submerged2:42
DillinjaThe Fuse4:03
Digital & SpiritMission Accomplished3:07
DJ DieClear Skyz3:40
Bill RileyClosing In3:49
Sci-CloneEverywhere I Go (Remix)4:27
Jonny LUneasy2:39
John B.*Pressure5:01
Primary MotiveVenom3:39
J MajikSpace Jam4:13
Lemon DStatic (K7 Mix)5:39
Absolute Zero & SubphonicsThe Code4:24
DillinjaTronik Funk2:52

Credits (5)


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    Cover of DJ-Kicks:, 1999-01-25, CDDJ-Kicks:
    CD, Compilation, Mixed
    !K7 – K7074CD, !K7 – !K7074cdGermany1999Germany1999
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    Cover of DJ-Kicks:, 1999, VinylDJ-Kicks:
    2×LP, Compilation
    !K7 – !K7074lpGermany1999Germany1999
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    Cover of DJ-Kicks, 1999, CDDJ-Kicks
    CD, Compilation, Mixed, Promo
    !K7 – !K7074CDGermany1999Germany1999
    Recently Edited
    Cover of DJ-Kicks, 2020, VinylDJ-Kicks
    2×LP, Compilation, Limited Edition, Reissue
    !K7 Records – K7074LPRGermany2020Germany2020
    Recently Edited
    Cover of DJ-Kicks:, 2020, VinylDJ-Kicks:
    2×LP, Compilation, Reissue
    !K7 Records – K7074LPRGermany2020Germany2020
    New Submission
    Cover of DJ-Kicks: Kemistry & Storm, 2020-05-08, FileDJ-Kicks: Kemistry & Storm
    17×File, FLAC, Compilation, Reissue; File, FLAC, Mixed, Reissue
    !K7 Records – K7074RDGermany2020Germany2020
    New Submission
    Cover of DJ-Kicks:, 2020-05-08, CDDJ-Kicks:
    CD, Compilation, Mixed, Reissue
    !K7 Records – !K7074cdr, !K7 Records – K7074CDRGermany2020Germany2020
    New Submission
    Cover of DJ-Kicks:, , CDDJ-Kicks:
    CD, Compilation, Mixed, Reissue
    !K7 Records – K7074CD, !K7 Records – !K7074cdGermanyGermany
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    • Cang_Jie's avatar
      Compared to what's currently playing at the clubs here in Stockholm this mix is complete madness, so good! And still more than 20 years old! If any DJ reads this, if you played this kind of stuff I wouldn't leave your dance floor just saying...
      • TheFuture's avatar
        There's now an unmixed version available on K7!'s bandcamp. Good to finally get some of the tunes in their entirety.
        • Loanesloan's avatar
          mine seems to be a French pressing - is that possible?
          • Seizjah's avatar
            Superb mix for its time. Hell, I didn't hear it until 2002 & it still sounded dark & menacing at that time of my life. It still sounds great & most of the tracks hold up well. Classics of the era. RIP Kemistry
            • monkeycatt's avatar
              i've gotta say, for the most part the mixing is quite good indeed, particularly the transition between the claustrophobic, paranoid and overall intense "closing in" and the way it lets you off the hook into the very beautiful sci-clone track....a moment of lovely tranquility before it starts rollin' off again. top notch mix!
              • jussumen's avatar
                If You are looking for a good drum `n bass mix-cd , here`s your chance - these two London-based females released a phantastic mixed drum `n bass cd , which goes down to the subject-matter - it`s no easy LTJ Bukem styled stuff - got a lot of hard steppers tunes in it - but this is as raw and authentic as it gets - it`s the last mix they did before Khemistry died in a car crash when returning from a late night gig - So Respect and R.I.P - i even suggest to get the unmixed vinyl too and try to make a mix yourself . deep and futuristic stuff-excellent - 10 /10
                • Vezatron
                  I am not a fan of D&B, but I will listen to this Kemistry and Storm mix cd. They have a nice style, including putting a vocal track in there for some of us D&B "less in tune" listeners. Plus the cover photo is totally excellent. It is an addicting photo and a great preservation to the memory of Kemistry (Kemi Olusanya).

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