TesteThe Rewipes Pt 1



The Wipe (Rrose Version)
The Wipe (Dino Sabatini Version)

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    Cover of The Rewipes Pt 1, 2014-09-26, VinylThe Rewipes Pt 1
    12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Clear
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    Cover of The Rewipes Pt 1, 2014-09-29, FileThe Rewipes Pt 1
    2×File, WAV
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    Cover of The Rewipes Pt 1, 2014-09-29, FileThe Rewipes Pt 1
    2×File, ALAC
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    • thorin92's avatar
      Edited 3 years ago
      The Rrose here is a work of art. The way the rhythm is structured in this and brings you back and forth is some of the best techno production I've ever heard, absolutely incredible control of the flow down to the detail. This is an industrial track, theme, and Rrose writes and works it like you are listening to an actual machine. Probably one of the best Teste - The Wipe remixes in my opinion, because it's clever, pulls you in and out, it falls, rolls, tenses up, the reverb overloads and then you are lifted out again as if rising in altitude out of the chaos, the rhythm spinning and driving it all. Listen to this from an arts/atmospheric perspective not dancefloor and you can really appreciate this. Rrose here actually presents a different take on this techno classic, and brilliantly done. Whilst all the other remixes and the original are excellent atmospheric renditions, Rrose actually presents to you the machine, right close up.
      • maroko's avatar
        This pair of rewipes is, perhaps, in my ears at least, the least impressive one. Both artists display the sound they are usually associated with, however both have done far greater things in the niche. Rrose does the typical sticky acidic fare, drenching his effort in reverb, micro detail and insectoid miniatures, giving the music a rather disoriented feel, and it both gains and suffers from it. First of all, its loose structure allows the druggy layers to erratically jog along at a mild pace, all the while keep things busy by constantly adding litte bits and effects to keep things interesting. However, that might be its downfall as well, as it never really reaches anything... It's thickly woven, but the substance is somewhat lacking. Rrose has done an amazing amount of really captivating tracks, mainly on his own Eaux imprint, and has churned out some pretty fabulous remixes as well, namely the ones for Giorgio Gigil & Obtane, Function and Minilogue. Here, while he uses his musical kit to satisactory results, this tune has the producer in remixing autopilot mode. Competent yes, but stroll through his opus and you'll see what he's capable of!

        Dino Sabatini brings to the table a tribal inspired, broken beat affair, that in essence, deviates incredibly from the original Teste tune. In fact, it basically sounds like a new track of his. It boasts a hauntuing whistle-like hook line, fractured drum work and mystical overtones. Pretty spooky and all, however fans of his work will probably agree on that he's done far better stuff on his esteemed Outis music imprint, where he (and fellow minded artists) release deeply involving, hypnotic and - for the lack of a better term - paganisitc music. While this remix is an interesting take on the original, my opinion is that it is taken in the wrong direction. While I really do enjoy some of Dino's excursions into the techno abyss, and am mainly a fan of his chasmic sound design, here, the music just doesn't cut it for me. Check out his "Modulated Waves" or the collab record he did with Edit Select for a taste of his spacey, elaborate approach.

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