Sluta Leta ‎– ...If You Like Champagne On Ice?



You Know What I Mean! 9:26
Champagne On Ice 2:39
Scoota 11 4:56
Kista 2:43



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October 13, 2009
referencing ...If You Like Champagne On Ice?, 12", Chlt 010
Year 2000: between analogical and digital production eras, when the Warp sounds was turning to something "usual" and glitch-oriented overwhelming issues were polluting many curious ears.
A surprising synthesis of this period is represented by this chic-perfect electronic treasure composed by "language operators" Sluta Leta.
One first track on side A blends together styles and beats from an imaginary Autechre and DJ Hell jam, with vocals used -rapped?- as in some NY female No Wave.
Side B starts with a super synthetic and funky sound that so much anticipate of the next 10 years, but the epicentre of the whole mass is the B2 tracks: it opens dramatically with a very "serious" horns section and goes deep into much unexplored valleys of machine-like rhythms, claps, wooden sounds, and pneumatic atmospheres.
By the third and last track, it all turns into robotic... and you "fully understand it"!
Each era has its own ear, it's not clear to which era we should refer Sluta Leta.