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Morphology - Identity Component album cover

MorphologyIdentity Component

Style:IDM, Electro, Acid


Identity Component 3:44
Folded Lines5:16
Subsurface Ocean6:43
Irregular Satellites4:34
Inertial Motion5:33
Integral Domain5:01

Credits (3)


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Version DetailsData Quality
Cover of Identity Component, 2014-02-07, VinylIdentity Component
2×12", Album, 33 ⅓ RPM
Zyntax Motorcity – Zyntax 09Germany2014Germany2014
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Cover of Identity Component, 2014-11-05, CDrIdentity Component
CDr, Album, Numbered
Preset – Preset 19Greece2014Greece2014
Cover of Identity Component, 2014-11-05, CassetteIdentity Component
Cassette, Album, Numbered
Preset – Preset 19Greece2014Greece2014
Recently Edited
Cover of Identity Component, 2014-02-01, FileIdentity Component
8×File, FLAC, Album
Zyntax Motorcity – Zyntax 09Germany2014Germany2014
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  • drgiggles's avatar
    Edited one year ago
    This is 5 stars all the way for me. Almost every track I would buy on it's own 12'. Integral Domain - is the best cut on the album for me, it has a melody and element that is emotional but also makes me feel a little uneasy, it is hard to explain, almost like you are hearing something so good, that all other songs by all other artists are going to be let downs after hearing it. It is familiar sounding, but yet alien, almost like Deja Vu from a memory that is too hazy to remember how you felt at the time. Very few songs are able to evoke this type of feeling out of me.
    • cutjules's avatar
      Edited one year ago
      Many nice tracks on this album, "Subsurface Ocean" and "Microbial" are aces. "Magnetospheric" is also a great acid track.
      • trancelikestates's avatar
        Fantastic music that has captured the darkness and feeling of dystopian Detroit pictured in original Robocop etc.
        • SCL781x's avatar
          just received this today, so glad to finally have this on cd! I wish Preset would issue the first Morphology full length on cd. Excellent electronics on order here it reminds me of some of the early Warp artificial intelligence releases which is never a bad thing. Techno-electro goodness.
          • Ghebe_TR303's avatar
            Both records of my copy have a manufacturer fault , somewhere in the middle of a one side of each record there is a "bump" causing the the needle to jump slightly. Has anyone else noticed this on his copy ?