Audience (2)Indian Summer3:15
Monty PythonEric The Half A Bee2:10
GenesisHappy The Man2:50
Clifford T. WardWherewithal2:55
Capability BrownWake Up Little Sister3:25
Jo'burg Hawk*Orang Outang3:20
Alan HullNumbers3:40
Graham Bell + Arc*She Belongs To Me4:30
Van Der Graaf GeneratorTheme One3:00
Jack The LadOne More Dance3:30
The NiceCountry Pie5:40
Rare BirdWhat You Want To Know6:00
String Driven ThingIt's A Game3:45
LindisfarneClear White Light4:00

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    Version DetailsData Quality
    Cover of One More Chance, 1973, VinylOne More Chance
    LP, Compilation
    Charisma – 6393 904New Zealand1973New Zealand1973
    New Submission
    Cover of One More Chance, 1974, VinylOne More Chance
    LP, Compilation
    Charisma – CLASS 3UK1974UK1974



    • shivsidecar's avatar
      Although it doesn't say so anywhere on the package, the concept of this album is that of a compilation of non-hit singles on the Charisma label - it makes for a decent compilation. Having said that, the Rare Bird track is actually here in its very different LP incarnation...
      • viynljohn's avatar
        Got this from Facebook Marketplace for £6.... bargain for a label comp
        • 70sProgFan's avatar
          Edited 4 years ago
          The version of 'Happy The Man' by Genesis on this album is an oddity.
          It's not the same as the Charisma single because this version and the Archive box-set one both fade in, whereas the original single doesn't.
          In addition, the single and Archive have the "ah,ahhhh" vocals at 10 seconds but this one doesn't.
          Finally, this version lacks the notable flute by Gabriel which is present on the single but not on the 'Archive' version.

          So where does this version come from?
          Curiouser and curiouser…

          Edit: Just checked the Genesis Discography pdf (Copyright © 1998 Scott McMahan) and the entry there says that this is simply a re-mixed version.
          • 70sProgFan's avatar
            As samplers go, this is a fine album for the prog/folk-prog fan, the only clunkers on it being Jo'Burg Hawk and the Monty Python song although the latter is mildly amusing. I have to admit that I bought it for the Genesis non-album track 'Happy The Man' - where else are you going to get this track on vinyl? The price of the singles with it on are extorionate, so this is the only way now (I think).

            Hell, the rest of the album is filled with great music, especially from The Nice, Audience, Lindisfarne and Rare Bird. We are even treated to the introductory music for Alan "Fluff" Freeman's 1970s/80s Saturday afternoon radio rock programme - that's 'Theme One' from Van Der Graaf Generator for those of you who are/were unaware.

            Great album - see if you can pick one up cheap and then chill out with some '70s rock greats!

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