Rhythm & SoundSee Mi Yah

Genre:Electronic, Reggae


Rhythm & Sound w/ Willi WilliamsSee Mi Yah
Rhythm & Sound w/ Jah Cotton*Dem Never Know
Rhythm & Sound w/ KokiRise And Praise
Rhythm & Sound w/ Freddy MellowTruly
Rhythm & Sound w/ Rod Of IronLightning Storm
Rhythm & Sound w/ Sugar MinottLet Jah Love Come
Rhythm & Sound w/ Walda GabrielBoss Man
Rhythm & Sound w/ Bobbo ShantiPoor People Must Work
Rhythm & Sound w/ Ras Donovan & Ras PerezLet We Go
Rhythm & Sound w/ Paul St. HilaireFree For All
Rhythm & SoundSee Mi Version

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    Cover of See Mi Yah, 2005-03-00, CDSee Mi Yah
    CD, Compilation
    Burial Mix – BMD-4Germany2005Germany2005
    Cover of See Mi Yah 7" Set, 2005-01-17, VinylSee Mi Yah 7" Set
    7×7", 45 RPM, Compilation
    Burial Mix – noneGermany2005Germany2005
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    Cover of See Mi Yah, 2005-03-00, VinylSee Mi Yah
    LP, Compilation
    Burial Mix – BMLP-4Germany2005Germany2005
    Cover of See Mi Yah, 2005, CDSee Mi Yah
    CD, Compilation, Promo, Cardboard Sleeve
    Burial Mix – BMD-4Germany2005Germany2005



    • somait's avatar
      Posted! Thank you! Thank you again if you have an opportunity!
      • Vart's avatar
        Timeless masterpiece. Own the 7" box set, LP and CD but recommend the CD for first listen for an uninterrupted journey as the album was intended to be experienced. The remix EPs are great too but not comparable to the original See Mi Yah rhythm presented here.

        With every new Burial Mix label release, Rhythm & Sound pushed their production to another level. Mark and Moritz need to get back in the studio to top See Mi Yah, if they can!
        •'s avatar

          I'm wondering when they will repress it again.

          Prices are ridiculous high..
          • pablitodub's avatar
            Last copy was sold for 100 euros but discogs deleted it.
            • dubpontifex's avatar
              Anyone else has terrible hissing in the background? It's driving me nuts.
              • Selahriddim's avatar
                Aint can't nobody tell, when will we be free from the spell, or can they?
                great record, original dub
                • keithvarney's avatar
                  Excellent record ruined by a poor pressing. I’ve bought five copies from different sellers, all sealed and every copy skips. Some in different places on side 2. So disappointing. Desperately wanted a copy that doesn’t skip (the cartridge is set correctly)
                  • DJ_Roland's avatar
                    As below comment mentions this is a superb space out relaxation record. Big disappointment though that my space out trip is heavily interrupted by multiple spots where the needle skips for no reason. Bought the record brand new (2016 repress though I think) and my needle never skips out of nowhere. Clearly seems a bad pressing! Anyone else with this issue? Especially on the B-side.
                    • djnovals's avatar
                      is a "Deepchild - No Disgrace" basic on on main theme of this tracks?
                      • lajoula's avatar
                        Edited 6 years ago
                        Brian Williams (aka, Lustmord) says:

                        " Beyond dub techno (which they instigated), Moritz von Oswald and Mark Ernestus at the creative and technical peak of their collaboration. While I have all of their work together, this is the one that really stands out for me. Solid bass-lines, perfectly spaced and utilized production  and a groove that keeps pulling forward. One rhythm reworked with subtle mastery over eleven tracks. Few are capable of this kind of sound. "

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