LoscilSea Island

Style:Ambient, Drone


In Threes5:57
Bleeding Ink6:38
Sea Island Murders8:26
Holding Pattern6:11
Catalina 19436:34
Angle Of Loll5:51
Sturgeon Bank6:00
En Masse5:23
Angle Of List6:45

Credits (2)


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    Cover of Sea Island, 2014-11-17, CDSea Island
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    Cover of Sea Island, 2014-11-17, VinylSea Island
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    Cover of Sea Island, 2014-11-17, FileSea Island
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    • Phonographix's avatar
      This kind of music doesn't get much better than 'Iona'. Standout track on a consistently brilliant dubby ambient record, imho.
      • TIM's avatar
        This is fantastic. Could be album of the year. Much deeper than his previous efforts. This almost makes his past albums sound glitchy and idm. This is ambient and at times almost techno. The track Iona is amazing and deep. Then straight into the beauty that is Holding Pattern. Even if you started with this 2 tracks and just played them you would immediately agree this is his most moving and one of the best albums of the year. This release has so much depth. Over 70 minutes. It's a perfect visual album also. It's like a mystery novel as the songs are so moving. This album tells a story. Sea island murders song title combined with the pictures, some of the other song titles and combined with the music gives movie soundtrack feel. Catalina 1943 is like a droned out Bola sound. I don't think anything I have heard this year rivals this. Loscil has just outdid some of your favorites. Tell a friend
        • Spacetube's avatar
          Amazing! Perhaps his best album yet. I can't stop listening to it. Now if Submers would just be repressed on vinyl. Wink!

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