Acrid Abeyance - Bon Appétit as reviewed by Headie

May 7, 2015
referencing Bon Appétit, CD, Album, IMP009-CD
As said before....... Over-rated?. IMO one of the greatest acid/trance albums ever put on vinyl. Many gems on these 2 records. Pacific Pace being a paticular favourite even though it is at a much slower bpm than the rest. Magnetic Overtures with its long, sweeping intro. Speed Freak with it's hypnotic tribal drums and slowly building 303 then BAMMMM!. Pure magic on both discs. Tranquil is also a cracking tune, but i just can't listen to it at 33rpm. Bang it on 45 and slam it in a hard trance/acid set. One of my favourite albums and easily up there with anything by hardfloor etc. 303 abuse (in a good way) at it's best.

Acrid Abeyance - Bon Appétit filipe_santos

July 12, 2019
referencing Bon Appétit, CD, Album, IMP009-CD

I actually prefer the 33rpm version of Tranquil hehehehehehhehe 😛

Acrid Abeyance - Bon Appétit marcuss73

August 13, 2014
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I don't think so. And the use of the tb-303's??

I have it, i love it, forever! Hahaha

Acrid Abeyance - Bon Appétit as reviewed by Weareonenation303

August 17, 2013
edited over 8 years ago
referencing Bon Appétit, 2x12", Album, IMP 009

I think this album is overrated. There are many tracks that sound monotone and get boring quick. That being said, I'm not saying this release is bad. Good tracks in this album are: "Speed Freak" a nice acid track with a nice yet monotone acidline at the beginning. The classic "Exposure Track" a classic acid trance track with plenty of TB goodness. "The Fugitive" has a neat intro and nice acid sounds and "Tranquil" a stomping acid track that stays interesting. The other tracks not mentioned are ok. The Catacomb EP is probably the best release from Acrid Abeyance and you'll find that every track in that EP is a classic.

Acrid Abeyance - Bon Appétit as reviewed by maroko

October 31, 2009
referencing Bon Appétit, 2x12", Album, IMP 009

One of the greatest acid trance releases of all times! That's about all I can say. As stated before, this entire album runs pretty high up in the BPM range, which makes it a powerful and effective dance floor weapon.
Basically, this is a vintage combination of old school trance and wicked acid. The strcture of the tracks is simple but effective. Nothing is overly done, over loaded or buried by the burden of constantly trying to innovate. This is not so much pushing the envelope forward, but merely taking the best out of everything released up to then and recording it onto an album! The layering is simple, the mad 303s are so carefully pitched, modulated and crafted, track after track you get surprised at how great they are. Proper melodies, no fodder and epic cheese here, the melody work is as impressive as everything else here. Be it the opener, Speed Freak, which is just that, or maybe Exposure Track, which could easily slip in an old school goa trance set, with acts like Transwave and 2 Puissance 30, the gorgeous Pacific Pace which combines a great piano played melody line with playful acid synths, or the insane Tranquil which at 03:08 drops a distorted elephant stomp combined with relentless outbursts of banging acid - this album has no flaws!
It is so much fun to listen to, dance to, get a beer or two to, or just sit down, nod your head and enjoy! The cover art is a treat on its own, and is worth at least half the money you will be spending on this extremely rare gem. This is a jewel, and there are no more than half a dozen other full lenghth acid albums which can compare.

Acrid Abeyance - Bon Appétit sargeant1hundred

March 6, 2020
referencing Bon Appétit, 2x12", Album, IMP 009
What are the other half dozen full length acid albums that compare, please?

Acrid Abeyance - Bon Appétit as reviewed by phrasedjs

April 19, 2005
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referencing Bon Appétit, 2x12", Album, IMP 009

For me the track that does it is PACIFIC PACE. This is an absolute blinder. This double EP is worth it alone for this one track. Starts with the drums and then the 303's gradually fade in and creates a full on dancefloor monster. But for those that don't know the best is yet to come as halfway in the PIANO & Strings kick off. This creates an acid track with real depth and emotion. What a classic.
The rest of the EP is also good but just a bit to fast for me.

Acrid Abeyance - Bon Appétit as reviewed by Pseventeen

June 2, 2004
referencing Bon Appétit, 2x12", Album, IMP 009
Undoubtably one of the greatest acid records not made by Hardfloor. For the most part it's pretty high octane, high bpm acid techno but it has a unique melody that has a tendency to absolutely bring a dancefloor to it's knees. It's done it for me a few times. Though all the tracks on here are magnificent, my personal standout was "Tranquil"

Acrid Abeyance - Bon Appétit as reviewed by Detroit-303

May 17, 2003
edited over 12 years ago
referencing Bon Appétit, 2x12", Album, IMP 009

The cover artwork, probably one of the best in techno history, was painted by a good friend of Plank. There were also some posters of it, you can find a signed one @ Important Records Shop in Essen, Germany.