Style:Techno, Acid


Fried Laces5:02
Asbestos In Obstetrics8:02
Kangaroos & Bubbles4:58
Reverberate Opinion8:34
Mustard Cornflakes8:38
Strawberry Maze5:05
Mahogany Roots6:58
The Last Marshmellow Machine7:12

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    Cover of Respect, 1994, CDRespect
    CD, Album, Partially Mixed
    Harthouse – HH-CD-010Germany1994Germany1994
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    Cover of Respect, 1994, VinylRespect
    2×LP, Album
    Harthouse – HH-LP-010, Harthouse – HHLP010Germany1994Germany1994
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    Cover of Respect, 1994, VinylRespect
    2×LP, Limited Edition, Numbered, Album; 10", Limited Edition, White Label, 33 ⅓ RPM
    Harthouse – HH-LP-010, Harthouse – HHLP010, Harthouse – HH10 3Germany1994Germany1994
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    Cover of Respect, 1994, VinylRespect
    2×LP, Album, Promo
    Harthouse – HHLP 010Germany1994Germany1994
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    Cover of Respect, 1995, CDRespect
    CD, Album
    Planet Earth Recordings – P 50118-2US1995US1995
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    Cover of Respect, 1995, CDRespect
    CD, Album
    Harthouse America – HH1002-2US1995US1995
    Recently Edited
    Cover of Respect, 1995-12-21, CDRespect
    CD, Album
    Sony – SRCS 7927Japan1995Japan1995
    Cover of Respect, 1995, CassetteRespect
    Cassette, Album
    Planet Earth Recordings – P 50118-4US1995US1995
    New Submission
    Cover of Respect, 1995, CassetteRespect
    Cassette, Album, Promo
    Harthouse – noneUK1995UK1995
    New Submission
    Cover of Respect, 2002-01-01, VinylRespect
    2×LP, Album, Reissue, Remastered
    Harthouse – HHLP2R-3Germany2002Germany2002
    Cover of Respect, 2002, CDRespect
    CD, Album, Reissue, Remastered
    Harthouse – HHCD02RGermany2002Germany2002
    Recently Edited
    Cover of Respect, 2009, CDRespect
    CD, Album, Limited Edition, Reissue, Remastered
    Sofa King Records – SKHH-HMV11Japan2009Japan2009
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    Cover of Respect, 2010-02-06, CDRespect
    CD, Album, Reissue, Remastered
    R2 Lounge – R2HH-002Japan2010Japan2010
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    • Troeger's avatar
      Highly underrated 2. full player from HARDFLOOR, check out to play Fried Laces at pitch -5 / times 2 und second track at pirch -7.
      The complete album is a better production than the first album due to the variation in sounds and sound quality.
      • platniumbeats's avatar
        Just for the track Kangaroos and Bubbles is a viable enough reason to buy this. AAAAAAA+++++ EP
        • japedumarie's avatar
          Funny thing to say is; that the 10 inch is explicit and I like it more then the whole album hahaha - Both tracks awesome acid trancers which I like a lot .. the album is more experimental and techno-ish … So: if you like hardfloor; you need it with the 10inch !! It's amazing !!
          • AtomicCow's avatar
            What to do? what to do? None of the tracks on the album do anything for me, it's just taking up space on my shelf. But the bonus 10" is really great! "AM Trip" is like a budget "Acid Eiffel" and "Lost In The Silver Box" is a banger.
            • Mikayekel27's avatar
              I love me some Hardfloor, but this early techno sound pales in comparison to what they've done as of late. For example, the almost the first three minutes of Mustard Cornflakes was painful. Lots of annoying synth patterns. If you think this still has quality groove, you should listen to their latest album.
              • dylaf's avatar
                Edited 8 years ago
                An album needing no more praise here as the other reviewers have covered it entirely, other than for 'AM-Trip' on side BB of the bonus 10": Slow burning acid, snappy high hats, dreamy strings, hope, optimism, emotion- a late night/sunrise techno classic. Stunning. OK, I'll add more praise ;) If I had to pick fave's from the main album, it would have to be Asbestos In Obstetrics & Strawberry Maze (aside from the absolute classic yet obvious 'Mahogany Roots'). A.I.O's cut rooms to death due to bouncing hard like electronic euro porn, with a hat & snare pattern like only Hardfloor can, while S.M is the lone ranger, opting for a more linear techno number, relying less on the acid & more on a menacing main riff, which sounds like its cut from a Public Enemy sample. Either way, its bold as brass & peppered with trademark snare & drum rolls, a great tool in the mix. RESPECT.
                • Ray_Marshall's avatar
                  I have to throw my moneys' worth in on this too, This LP was the one that got me hooked after some deliberation.
                  I had, like so many people been wary of techno as to start with it always seemed to come over as aggressive in attitude, Now i can gladly say i was wrong, As its all about energy.
                  This LP also serves as a great example to the fact that i have always been more fascinated by what a couple of guys can do than a bunch of guys with guitars, And boy can Ramon and Oliver do it, And in spades.

                  For sheer class check out mahogany roots' irresistability and a good time boogie, Or the last marshmellow machine, Not only is it wonderfully bouncy, Its incredibly emotional, Building up to a massive hair-raising session after the middle breakdown.

                  Im on my second copy of this lp as the original is full of static but still plays, And thats a testament to the longevity of this record, It was out 1995 yet it still sounds good today as it did back then.

                  Absolutely Top Notch!
                  • nerk's avatar
                    Edited 16 years ago
                    All the tracks on this album are very well produced and although the sound is reminiscent of qaulity techno from the mid 90's it still one of those albums that most techno lovers would find timeless. Reverbrate Opinion, Asbestos in Obstetrics, Mahogany Roots, Mustard Cornflakes and the Last Marshmellow Machine all have fantastic mind bending moody acidic rhythms and atmospheric sounds that innevitably makes you groove to as they build up.

                    • zevulon's avatar
                      Edited 18 years ago
                      This is a superb choice of Hardfloor Masterpieces that really deserves a "re-run" since the original is sold out since way back - BUT - this "Remaster" is so badly done, that it feels like it's a Mp3 release. The most apparent disaster is "Reverberate Opinion", which on the original version has a motha-ass-vibrating bass undercurrent that overhauls your senses like an approaching volcano - Gone! Nowhere! There can be no excuse. For the love of Hardfloor - Rebutchered is the proper term.
                      • jazzliscious's avatar
                        Damn, I didn't get the free 10" of "Lost In The Silver Box" (a KILLER cut), but no worry, because this has to be one of the most unique techno forays of the 1990s. It is! Hardfloor had their own sound - sure, they like everybody else used 303s & 909s & a few peripherals, but their composition is what made them unique. This wasn't just the same old acid tracks or "hard bangers", these were actually some crispity, crunchety freekin' SOLIDLY produced tracks - with (gasp!) MUSICIANSHIP involved! Case in point - "The Last Marshmellow (sic) Machine" - how many techno tracks (I've heard not even a handful) have you heard in your life written in the never-used 12-bar structure? It's 4/4 time but instead of 16 beats per measure, there's 12 - a sort of double-timed 3/4 if you will. That's innovation kids! Try it sometime when you're writing your pathetically maligned beats and "tracks". It once happened when techno was still a wide open field to be studied and experimented with. The other tracks are a bit more standard fare but with that Hardfloor uniqueness. Definitely a cherished score (and a teaching and learning tool to be studied for future techno producers in the making) that I'm proud to now own. I had it on tape from years ago, and I finally secured a nice copy on vinyl. EXCELLENT!!!!! E-X-C-E-L-L-E-N-T-!-!-!-!-!

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