Alex ValentiniBeautiful Life



Beautiful Life (Radio Version)4:27
Beautiful Life (Disco Version)4:20

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    Cover of Beautiful Life, 1985, VinylBeautiful Life
    7", 45 RPM
    International RAI Records – NP 2001Italy1985Italy1985
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    Cover of Beautiful Life, 2015-03-23, VinylBeautiful Life
    12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Limited Edition
    Archivio Fonografico Moderno – ARFON 09Italy2015Italy2015
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    Cover of Beautiful Life, 2015-04-11, VinylBeautiful Life
    12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Limited Edition, Numbered, Orange Transparent
    Archivio Fonografico Moderno – ARFON 09Italy2015Italy2015
    Recently Edited
    Cover of  Beautiful Life , 2015-04-26, Vinyl Beautiful Life
    12", Limited Edition, Numbered, Special Edition, 180 Gr. Yellow
    Archivio Fonografico Moderno – ARFON 09Italy2015Italy2015
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    Cover of Beautiful Life, 2015, VinylBeautiful Life
    12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Limited Edition, Numbered, Special Edition, Gold; 7", 45 RPM
    Archivio Fonografico Moderno – ARFON 09, International RAI Records – NP 2001Italy2015Italy2015
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    Cover of Beautiful Life, 2019-04-27, FileBeautiful Life
    File, FLAC, Single, Stereo
    Pinky Records (2) – none20192019
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      • old-and-new-records's avatar
        It sounds very good to me. Nothing to complain about the vinyl. I played it at the club and it the sound was okay. Only the cover artwork could be much better.
        • lt_J's avatar
          Edited 8 years ago
          According to Mr. Valentini philosophy, gays are not men! (If you are man or gay). But still, outstanding record. 5/5
          • SPECIALGROOVERECORDS's avatar
            We had unfortunately printing delays.
            The disc will be available in a few days.
            • italomania1985's avatar
              Edited 8 years ago
              Very nice release but I would prefer to have a bigger duration on Disco Version with more electro synth parts.
              • Lordtiton's avatar
                One of the best italo 7inches ever made. Captures the spirit of italo disco.
                • Backstock_Warehouse's avatar
                  Yes, after all the recent 7-inch discoveries, this one still remains in my top-5!
                  • maxhim's avatar
                    Yeah, as far as i know the best 7"
                    Far away from chanson and pop as the latest discoveries are, after all is discovered ?
                    Music and voice totally in un-balance . but who can brew this this tunes ??
                    Italians do it better
                    • MyMine's avatar
                      Awesome! probably the best 7" ( Italo ) I ever heard!
                      he indeed looks sleepy like hysteric said and sounds like he just woke up from sleep. funny english and unlike what hysteric said, imo it doesn't ( synth ) sound pure italo at all, drumbeat ( which is fabulous ) is also not that typically, mostly the snare he choosed.

                      This record should be getting sold in 500, minimum, not 20!!! so grab it now before someone will change his mind
                      • hysteric's avatar
                        Edited 13 years ago
                        Somewhat legendary italo 7”, the only recording by DJ Alex Valentini (AKA Guido Marchi), almost as famous for the cover photograph as for the music itself... behind his tinted specs, an unlikely looking DJ seems to be having some trouble staying awake.

                        The song itself is classic, strongly-accented alternating male (verse) and female (chorus) vocals with pure italo-disco synth action.
                        By no means an obscurity, but until recently one of the lesser-known diamonds.

                        It appears Mr. Valentini was something of a celebrity in Italy, from checking the photobook section of his website (which I also recommend for a taste of pure 80's nostalgia), you can see him hanging out with a veritable who’s who of the Italian music scene of the era.

                        The only shame of this record is that it’s far too short, one of the mysteries of the Italo-disco world is why no 12” exists for such a fantastic song, recorded by a DJ no less, who would surely prefer to mix it from 12 inch.
                        Luckily in the digital age we have some talented guys to make extended versions for us!

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