SolarstarDiskohit (Dublex Inc. Hotspot Remix)6:29
SolarstarDiskohit (Dublex Inc. Goes Baikonur Dub)5:24
Subson Meets Solarstar2S16:38
SolarstarPrepare To Dance4:52


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    Cover of TV Tower EP, 2003, VinylTV Tower EP
    12", EP, 33 ⅓ RPM
    Pulver Records – PULVER 012Germany2003Germany2003
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    TV Tower EP
    12", 33 ⅓ RPM, EP, Test Pressing
    Pulver Records – PULVER 012Germany2003Germany2003
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      Edited 13 years ago
      "TV Tower" is the title for the 12th release of Pulver. A quiet obvious title considering the fact that
      the TV tower of Stuttgart is the city’s symbol. And Stuttgart is the city where Pulver Records comes
      from. In case of this EP, which is a mini Stuttgart “compilation”, it’s a perfect symbol that also
      illustrate the upward mobile sound of the swabian metropolis.

      With Pulver Records, a forum for unique club sounds was established, with music that covers the
      whole bandwith of electronic grooves between funk, house, bossa, elektro and breakbeats. A
      Fusion sound that is represented by Solarstar, who are the main protagonists of this EP.

      Solarstar are Kline, Braun and Fab, producers and musicians that currently cause a big stir in
      Stuttgart, when they appear live on stage with their singer Fola Dada. The track "Diskohit" is
      indeed a hit in Stuttgart’s clubs and it’s quiet likely that major part of the globe will move their hips
      and lips to "Diskohit" in the Hotspot Remix of Dublex Inc., with it’s electronic, yet deep and soulful
      sounding vibe.

      In cooperation with Subson on B1 of this EP, the track "2S1" shows how soulful Solarstar can get.
      And this with a funky offbeat, one can hardly resist. Subson originally stems from the South East
      Asian Urukthapel but currently lives in Zug in Switzerland where he touched base with electronic
      dance music and decided to program beats. During a session in Stuttgart, he met Solarstar and
      "2S1" emerged as a fruit of their first joint recordings.

      "Prepare To Dance", the closing track of the "TV Tower EP" shows Solarstar finally in full solo
      effect: A string ensemble, a laid back beat, and Fola’s sweet soul voice - a track to melt down.

      All in all, you’ll find four great tracks on this EP, three fruitful collabs - with Pulver No.12 Stuttgart
      and it’s tv tower will surely cause a sensation.

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