What Is Man6:38
Victum Of The Past15:32
I'll Never Let You Down5:42

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    Cover of Fontessa, 1973, VinylFontessa
    LP, Album
    Pink Elephant – PE 877 055, Pink Elephant – PE 877.055Netherlands1973Netherlands1973
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    Cover of Fontessa, 2014, CDFontessa
    CD, Album, Limited Edition, Reissue, Remastered, Stereo
    Tone Arm – 0023Netherlands2014Netherlands2014
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    Cover of Fontessa, 2023-09-00, CDFontessa
    CD, mini-lp CD
    Big Pink Music – BIGPINK876South Korea2023South Korea2023
    New Submission
    Cover of Fontessa, , CDrFontessa
    CDr, Album, Reissue
    Fonos – LP-9525NetherlandsNetherlands
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    • manus-von-alles's avatar
      Discovered the album 30 years ago in a Den Hague second hand store and got the storie that this are 5 brilliant studio musicians who did an album session just for fun. Psychedelic jazz fusion, you may like or not. It has an own style and I like it a lot. At least it would easy match into a krautrock collection in the jazzy direction. Give it a try!
      • ultimathulerecords's avatar
        Often as much jazz-rock and jazz-funk, with some of those typically Dutch elements as heard in bands like Solution. I think Music Emporiums's reviews here seem to be describing a different band. Okay there are some blues edges in the songs (not many songs on Fontessa albums). Largely their albums are the vehicle of Frank Vandenkloot - a Jan Akkerman wannabe, with some slight McLaughlin touches and elements of many other guitarists. Nothing that distinctive and they rarely get as creative or prog as I'd like. Not bad though. And I thought I'd heard almost everyone Dutch, but had never heard of Fontessa. Only by digging did I discover them 40 years after the fact!

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