Laughing HandsRichmond Bridge
P16.D4Masse Mensch
P16.D4Ereignisse VI-VIII
Nurse With WoundCiconia
The WorkAnxious (About Meaning)
The WorkOne Swallow
SmegmaPup Tide
DDAAAmiral Robert
DDAA17ᵉ Parallèle
DDAAL'Amiral Robert Sous Le 17ᵉ Parallèle

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    Cover of Masse Mensch, 1982-10-00, VinylMasse Mensch
    LP, Compilation
    Selektion – SLP 001, Selektion – SLP/001Germany1982Germany1982
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    Cover of Masse Mensch, 1994, CDMasse Mensch
    CD, Compilation, Reissue
    Odd Size – CD OS 08France1994France1994
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    • bonnicon's avatar
      You are now entering the realms of the Mad. Thank your lucky stars that such a place exists. Structure isn't necessarily at the forefront here, although it does creep in here and there. Overall this is a curious collection of noise pieces with some Jazz structuring (although closer to "20 Jazz Funk Greats" than anything). The noise has a strong concrete feel to it - noises, electronics, sped-up tapes, distorted voices, clashing cacophonies. NURSE WITH WOUND's track is basically bird sounds with a minimal electronic manipulation (I know - I have used similar source material and achieved similar results), so I guess it's a readymade. THE WORK break the mould with their kinda Jazz-Drama-Folk pieces with a slight ZAPPA feel to the music. After the weirdness of the noise, loop and abstraction pieces, this sounds surprisingly pedestrian.
      From the naive to the noisy, primal abstract daubings in sound, this album explores a wide range of ideas. It has an overall lethargic feel, but enough inspired moments to enter with caution. If you're familiar with any of the groups here, then the others should give you equal pleasure (exempting THE WORK from that equation - their sound has a much more formal structure). To be honest I found it a little on the dry side, but it all boils down to personal taste.

      Originally reviewed for Soft Watch.

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