Greenleaf - Agents Of Ahriman Metalluthier

March 19, 2018
referencing Agents Of Ahriman, LP, Album, Ltd, RE, Ora, CARLP-150, SS-074LP
Why do all the good bands always have to have the crappiest mastering and mixing jobs? Unfortunately the record is very compressed sounding and is most likely just a very crappy digital master.

Greenleaf - Agents Of Ahriman benzimmerman

May 25, 2013
referencing Agents Of Ahriman, CD, Album, SS-074
Turn back the hands of time about 40 years and this is what you might get. This album could also be mistaken as a lost German progressive rock obscurity. If Sweden is your thing, if Graveyard and Witchcraft do it for you, then you have just found your nirvana in this record.