Selah Sue - Reason gouyou31

March 29, 2018
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great release. but when compared to the CD, the LP seems a bit more bassy and has less mediums.

Selah Sue - Reason as reviewed by LeonardoA

May 29, 2015
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She's not going to happen overnight, the Flemish artist Selah Sue. Four years after her debut album and five years after her breakthrough hit Raggamuffin (2010), she comes only with her second album Reason. An album which they let know as a singer/songwriter with deep thoughts. Thoughts that are often dark in nature. Around the release of Reason tells the Belgian frank about her depressions that overshadowed much of her childhood. They came largely by the right medication on top. In an interview with NRC.next she adds that she hopes Reason her financial stability also donates. She wants to do in their own words not hard on her second record, that will come later. Yet Reason absolutely no smooth, commercial enterprise. Selah Sue-soaked the shakes in reggae and Dancehall sound of her debut themselves off. An electronic, danceable production comes in its place. Maybe some less quirky, but with her beautiful, slightly husky voice remains her music from thousands of apparent. So on both the form and the content of Reason well thought.

Selah Sue - Reason bobbink

March 27, 2015
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referencing Reason, 2xLP, Album, Gat + CD, Album, BEC5156073
Wrong coverart! There's no text on the front cover for this vinyl
There's just a small sticker (with text: Selah Sue reason Nouvel Album Double Vinyle +CD Le CD inclut 4 titres bonus) in the upperleft of the foil that seals the album
You should remove the cover art