Neon - Fade To Grey schizophonic

November 30, 2017
edited over 3 years ago
referencing Fade To Grey, 12", T.R.1040
Does anyone know who made the cover artwork? Thx a lot

Neon - Fade To Grey Leigh_Kilby

December 24, 2018
referencing Fade To Grey, 12", T.R.1040
think you would find it was artwork of Geert De Wolf who did a majority of artwork for target records.

Neon - Fade To Grey (Special Electric Remix) as reviewed by maxi-freak

June 9, 2016
referencing Fade To Grey (Special Electric Remix), 12", B.C. 12-2015-40, BC 12-2015-40

Track B2 'Instrumental' is different from the version 'Instrumental Remix' on Neon - Fade To Grey