Various20 Years Of Dischord (1980 - 2000)

Style:Hardcore, Punk, Emo, Art Rock


50 Bands
The Teen IdlesGet Up And Go0:52
UntouchablesNic Fit1:00
State Of AlertPublic Defender1:11
Minor ThreatScreaming At A Wall1:39
Void (12)Dehumanized1:15
Youth Brigade (2)Barbed Wire1:41
Government IssueRock & Roll Bullshit1:13
Scream (2)Fight / American Justice3:44
Iron CrossLive For Now2:06
Red CPressure's On1:48
Deadline (5)Stolen Youth1:43
Artificial PeaceSuburban Wasteland1:53
Faith (3)Subject To Change1:34
Skewbald*Sorry / Change For The Same2:50
Marginal ManMissing Rungs2:00
Gray Matter (2)Oscar's Eye2:53
Rites Of SpringDrink Deep4:55
BeefeaterJust Things3:27
The SnakesSnake Rap2:41
Dag NastyCircles2:46
Embrace (2)Money2:39
Soulside (2)Punch The Geek2:24
Egg HuntWe All Fall Down2:47
One Last WishThis Time2:00
Fire PartyCake3:36
Ignition (5)Rebuilding2:25
Three (3)Domino Days2:50
Shudder To ThinkRed House3:32
Happy Go LickyTwist And Shout4:38
LungfishFriend To Friend In Endtime3:53
Fidelity JonesDestructor3:42
The Nation Of UlyssesSpectra Sonic Sound2:28
Holy RollersPerfect Sleeper3:51
SeverinPeople Are Wrong4:17
The High-Back ChairsSummer2:50
Autoclave (2)I'll Take You Down3:27
Circus LupusPop Man3:27
Branch ManagerMr. Weekend4:13
Slant 6What Kind Of Monster Are You?2:02
Hoover (3)Cable3:51
TrustyGoodbye, Dr. Fate2:05
Smart Went CrazyA Good Day5:52
The Crownhate RuinPiss Alley5:27
The WarmersPoked It With A Stick2:45
The Make-UpThey Live By Night2:07
FaraquetCut Self Not2:53
Q And Not UHooray For Humans3:08
Unreleased And Rare
The Teen IdlesGet Up And Go1:27
The Teen IdlesDeadhead1:41
UntouchablesStepping Stone2:12
State Of AlertDraw Blank0:39
Minor ThreatStraight Edge (Live)1:09
Minor ThreatUnderstand1:54
Government IssueSnubbing0:59
Government IssueAsshole (With Ian)1:08
Minor ThreatAsshole Dub3:33
Youth Brigade (2)I Object0:29
Rozzlyn RangersRozzlyn Rangers1:51
Void (12)Black, Jewish And Poor1:08
Void (12)Authority (Takes 1 And 2)1:23
Scream (2)Search For Employment2:03
Deadline (5)No Revolution0:49
Faith (3)No Choice0:54
Marginal ManManipulator2:27
Dag NastyAll Ages Show (Rare)2:39
FugaziThe Word4:18
FugaziBurning (Live)3:06
Shudder To ThinkDrop Dead Don't Blink3:10
Circus LupusWe Are The One (Rare)3:26
Slant 6Are You Human?3:30
Ian MacKayeInterview1:26
Deadline (5)Outside The Law2:03
Faith (3)You're X'd1:15
SOA*Draw Blank0:42
The Teen IdlesUntitled1:48
UntouchablesIf The Kids Are United3:09
Void (12)Who Are You2:20

Credits (58)


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    Cover of 20 Years Of Dischord (1980 - 2000), 2002-10-00, CD20 Years Of Dischord (1980 - 2000)
    2×CD, Compilation; CD, Compilation, Enhanced; Box Set
    Dischord Records – DIS 125US2002US2002
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    Cover of 20 Years Of Dischord, , CD20 Years Of Dischord
    2×CD, Compilation; CD, Compilation, Enhanced; Box Set
    Dischord Records – DIS 125USUS
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