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Naked FunkEvolution Ending


Gilly Priest
Alone With You
Sexfreaks lll
Sana Fey
Sumatra Road
The Fan
Sour Angelica
Evolution Ending


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7 versions
Cover of Evolution Ending, 1998-07-06, CDEvolution Ending
CD, Album
Pussyfoot – PUSSY CD LP 010UK1998UK1998
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Cover of Evolution Ending, 1998-07-06, VinylEvolution Ending
2×LP, Album
Pussyfoot – PUSSY LP010UK1998UK1998
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Cover of Evolution Ending, 1998-07-06, CDEvolution Ending
CD, Album
Gatefold Cardsleeve
Pussyfoot – PUSSY CDLP010UK1998UK1998
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Cover of Evolution Ending, 1999, CDEvolution Ending
CD, Album
Palm Pictures – PALMCD 2021-2, Pussyfoot – PALMCD 2021-2USA & Canada1999USA & Canada1999
Recently Edited
Cover of Evolution Ending, 1999-06-23, CDEvolution Ending
CD, Album
Victor – VICP-60766, Pussyfoot – VICP-60766Japan1999Japan1999
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Cover of Evolution Ending, 1999, CDEvolution Ending
CD, Album, Unofficial Release
DJ DG Ltd. – noneRussia1999Russia1999
New Submission
Cover of Evolution Ending, , CassetteEvolution Ending
Cassette, Album, Unofficial Release
Not On label (Naked Funk) – noneUkraineUkraine
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BigBeat25's avatar
Cool album, but a little repetitive throughout the process as several songs follow a progressive build-up trend. Also, most of the tunes have good breakbeats and atmospheric/tropical melodies.
This warm atmosphere is found for example in "Sana Fey", definitely my favorite tune along with "Gilly Priest". Combining balearic strings on a big beat pattern was a great idea for this choon.

The section starting around 3:25 after the start of "Hydrophonic" has an oriental influence that matches the beats and the keyboards so well.
However, for me, "Gilly Priest" is the realest big beat jam. The bass is very catchy and the high-pitched melodies could come from heaven I won't be surprised.

There are also a few tracks which feature more relaxed ambiances. "The Fan" has mellow breakbeats on various disturbing bleeps and bops accompanied by the vocals of Valerie Etienne. The last song "Evolution Ending" explores the trip-hop world with the lyrics of Pam Hogg that are not sung but adds an interesting mystery vibe.
But the most relaxed of them all is "Sexfreaks III" that is closer to ambient.

The album cover ain't the most good-looking in the world and some introductions are a bit long, yet this "Evolution Ending" LP is a great alternative piece of electronic music that has its own identity.
scoundrel's avatar
EVOLUTION ENDING kicks off with the grittier sound of "Hydrophonic," though the funk is still there. "Trango" gets dirty with its mid-tempo acid beats, but blossoms when it hits its melodic breakdown and veers in different directions. "Gilly Priest" doesn't hit the rhythm as hard, but replaces the stomp with melodic pep, and "Sour Angelica" brings back the funk. The gentle strumming on "Sana Fey" adds a thoughtfulness to the grime, and the title track drifts along with a quiet spoken-word. But the track that stands out most, all these years later, is "The Fan." A mysterious, whirling concoction, it lets Valerie Etienne's voice pierce through you like a tornado. Stunning, to be sure.
twilight250's avatar
I stumbled onto this group through listening to GU Afterhours, one of Naked Funk's tracks "Evolution Ending" is on that mix.

The album itself is a bit boring, repetitive drum loops, grungy bass, mix and repeat. The track "Evolution Ending" however is like it came from a different album. Its haunting, its mysterious, its downtempo and cool, its absolutely beautiful. The lyrics are bizarre but powerful and the mood of the track would be a perfect fit to a soundtrack piece for future noir films like "Children of Men" or "Bladerunner"

phylum_sinter's avatar
Everything about this release has aged badly, and yet it still represents what was most perfect about late 90's breakbeat to me -- huge, catchy hooks and the perfectly compressed drumloop. Where these guys went since this album i have no idea, but this album felt like a perfect start to what should have been a real watermark for groups like The Chemical Brothers, Dirty Vegas or The Crystal Method.

Track 3 "Trango" should have touched at least as many dancefloors as 'Block Rockin' Beats'.