Volume 1 - The Plan
Change Of The Guard12:16
Isabelle 12:13
Final Thought6:32
The Next Step14:49
Volume 2 - The Glorious Tale
The Rhythm Changes7:44
Leroy And Lanisha9:24
Re Run8:20
Miss Understanding8:46
Henrietta Our Hero7:14
Seven Prayers7:36
Volume 3 - The Historic Repetition
The Magnificent 712:46
Re Run Home14:06
Malcolm's Theme8:41
Clair De Lune11:08
The Message11:09

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    Cover of The Epic, 2015-05-04, FileThe Epic
    17×File, FLAC, Album
    Brainfeeder – BFDNL05020152015
    New Submission
    Cover of The Epic, 2015-05-04, CDThe Epic
    3×CD, Album, Stereo
    Brainfeeder – BFCD050Europe2015Europe2015
    Cover of The Epic, 2015-10-02, VinylThe Epic
    3×LP, 180g; Box Set, Album
    Brainfeeder – BF050USA & Europe2015USA & Europe2015
    Cover of The Epic, 2015-05-04, FileThe Epic
    17×File, FLAC, Album, 24-bit 44.1 kHz
    Brainfeeder – BFDNL050US2015US2015
    New Submission
    The Epic
    3×LP, Album, Test Pressing
    Brainfeeder – BF05020152015
    Cover of The Epic, 2015-05-16, CDThe Epic
    3×CD, Album
    Brainfeeder – BRFD50, Beat Records – BRFD50Japan2015Japan2015
    New Submission
    Cover of The Epic, 2015-05-04, FileThe Epic
    17×File, WAV, Album, 16-bit / 44.1 kHz
    Brainfeeder – BFDNL050W, Ninja Tune – noneUS2015US2015
    New Submission
    Cover of The Epic, 2015-05-04, FileThe Epic
    17×File, MP3, Album, VBR
    Brainfeeder – noneWorldwide2015Worldwide2015
    New Submission
    Cover of The Epic, 2017, CDThe Epic
    3×CD, Album, Repress
    Brainfeeder – BFCD050Europe2017Europe2017
    New Submission
    Cover of The Epic, 2018, VinylThe Epic
    3×LP, Reissue; Box Set, Album
    Brainfeeder – BF050UK2018UK2018
    Recently Edited
    Cover of The Epic, 2018, CDThe Epic
    3×CD, Album, Repress
    Brainfeeder – BFCD050Europe2018Europe2018
    Cover of The Epic, 2020, VinylThe Epic
    3×LP, Reissue, Repress; Box Set, Album
    Brainfeeder – BF050Europe2020Europe2020
    New Submission
    Cover of The Epic, 2021, Box SetThe Epic
    Box Set, Album; 2×LP, Reissue, Repress, Stereo; LP, Reissue, Stereo
    Brainfeeder – BF050Europe2021Europe2021
    New Submission



    • adridas88's avatar
      How is it i'm just picking this up today.

      Found for a steal at the local record store- had been to show back in the day but never really sat with the musical giant that Kamasi is.

      We are blessed to have this album with us.
      • doubleaman28's avatar
        Edited 2 months ago
        I took a gamble (given lots of reports here about poor pressing) on a cheaper used copy and am actually pretty happy with it after a good cleaning that got rid of surface noise. I was expecting much worse. The packaging is high quality, but have to keep one of the three records out of the box otherwise they are packed in so tight its almost impossible to get one out.
        • northropfrye's avatar
          Edited 3 months ago
          The first copy I got came scratched and had no fill issues. I sent it back for a replacement, which was much better. No issues. Sounds very nice. And excellent music of course.
          • happycamper72's avatar
            The quality of this album, the totality of what makes this a great connection with the listener is the endless jam sessions, touring and creating a final product everyone involved can be proud of.
            This is not a case of ''great marketing'' from an ''overrated band''.
            Just say you don't like it and move on. Kamasi and his huge entourage of elite musicians have been chopping wood like crazy for years; touring, finding rehearsal spots and polishing this epic album. 10 years ago!
            I love this album because it's original, incorporating many different jazz styles and genres. Each song seems to meld to the next.
            If he was but a plant, a marketing scheme with minimal talent, he would have evaporated a year or 2 after this came out in 2015. Instead he recorded 3 more equally fascinating albums, toured like a madman and paid / fed a band of 12 and countless others.
            This is all from the heart, mind and soul of K.W. and his co-horts.
            Listen to Herbie and the other jazz greats speak of his music and approach.
            • ondt's avatar
              My copy doesn’t have any surface noise. It’s actually very quiet. It does sound more compressed than the digital versions, but not so much that it justified a return. There are a few moments of distortion on side A when the piano hits a high note, but I’d say it’s kind of impressive that that’s the only issue on a record with 30 mins of music per side.
              • TheGoodSnob's avatar
                Edited 9 months ago
                My matrix runout reads: MPO 21 227502 so maybe a different issue?
                • Crown.Propeller's avatar
                  Sounds like nice spiritual jazz from around 1969-1971. I do not get what the hype was about.
                  • emmetclark's avatar
                    I found this used yesterday, there’s no reason to own it on vinyl over digital but it sounds fine. Not tone poet/analogue productions level but I’ve heard much much worse
                    • RufusTF's avatar
                      This pressing sounds like I'm listening in my living room, but the music is playing in my garage. Except for the surface noise - that's so clear and close I can practically touch it.
                      • glassjawf's avatar
                        An epic indeed! With that being said, I never listen to this all in one sitting. Great music and an even more meaningful album if you're a fan of his contribution to Kendrick Lamar's To Pimp a Butterfly. I certainly am!

                        It is inferior to the digital version sounding muffled in comparison. However, I wouldn't have noticed if I didn't A/B it. With the presentation, you'd believe this to be a great value but after hearing it, it seems rightfully priced.

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