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Volume 1 - The Plan
Change Of The Guard12:16
Isabelle 12:13
Final Thought6:32
The Next Step14:49
Volume 2 - The Glorious Tale
The Rhythm Changes7:44
Leroy And Lanisha9:24
Re Run8:20
Miss Understanding8:46
Henrietta Our Hero7:14
Seven Prayers7:36
Volume 3 - The Historic Repetition
The Magnificent 712:46
Re Run Home14:06
Malcolm's Theme8:41
Clair De Lune11:08
The Message11:09

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Version DetailsData Quality
Cover of The Epic, 2015-05-04, FileThe Epic
17×File, FLAC, Album
Brainfeeder – BFDNL05020152015
New Submission
Cover of The Epic, 2015-05-04, CDThe Epic
3×CD, Album
Brainfeeder – BFCD050Europe2015Europe2015
Cover of The Epic, 2015-10-02, VinylThe Epic
; Box Set, Album
Brainfeeder – BF050USA & Europe2015USA & Europe2015
Cover of The Epic, 2015-05-04, FileThe Epic
17×File, FLAC, Album
24-bit 44.1 kHz
Brainfeeder – BFDNL050US2015US2015
New Submission
Cover of The Epic, 2015-05-04, VinylThe Epic
3×LP; Box Set, Album, Limited Edition, Test Pressing
Brainfeeder – BF050PEurope2015Europe2015
Recently Edited
Cover of The Epic, 2015-05-16, CDThe Epic
3×CD, Album
Brainfeeder – BRFD50, Beat Records – BRFD50Japan2015Japan2015
New Submission
Cover of The Epic, 2015-05-04, FileThe Epic
17×File, WAV, Album
16-bit / 44.1 kHz
Brainfeeder – BFDNL050W, Ninja Tune – noneUS2015US2015
New Submission
Cover of The Epic, 2017, CDThe Epic
3×CD, Album, Repress
Brainfeeder – BFCD050Europe2017Europe2017
New Submission
Cover of The Epic, 2018, VinylThe Epic
3×LP, Reissue; Box Set, Album
Brainfeeder – BF050UK2018UK2018
Recently Edited
Cover of The Epic, 2020, VinylThe Epic
3×LP, Reissue; Box Set, Album
Brainfeeder – BF050Europe2020Europe2020
New Submission
Cover of The Epic, 2021, VinylThe Epic
3×LP, Reissue, Stereo; Box Set, Album
Brainfeeder – BF050Europe2021Europe2021
New Submission
  • wilcach's avatar
    Great music and presentation. It’s a pity that the pressing is so poor.
    • JASON_CRYER's avatar
      Pretty disappointed with the sound on this one ... I'm not a hardcore audiophile but even to my amateur ears, the 3LP box just sounds dull and muffled compared to the digital. On its own merits, it's fine but if you want the best version available – LP is not it.
      • johnnythevelvetguy's avatar
        PROS: The packaging and presentation are absolutely stunning! The price is also very reasonable and affordable for this which is good since Brainfeeder could have easily made this a $70 box set.

        CONS: As many have mentioned already, putting 30 minutes on each side is going to sacrifice some sound quality. I definitely noticed a low volume on the records but once I turned it up, the music sounded decent. Nothing mind-blowing but it's able to fill the room without anything sounding muddy or distorted. In terms of pressing quality, I did notice some surface noise on my copy. Disc 2 and 3 are OK as the pops and clicks are really only present in-between tracks but disc 1 was probably the noisiest out of the bunch. There are repetitive pops and clicks near the end of "Change of the Guard" which didn't last too long but it was distracting at times. Again, this is just my copy so others may fair better.

        Overall, it's an "ok" pressing. It could be better but for what it is, it's a solid purchase if you're looking to pick up a copy.
        • whitefang's avatar
          Is this any good? I read any kind of bad things about the first pressing so I was wondering about buying this repress.
          • funkylikklebugger's avatar
            my copy looks and sounds wonderful. Nice flat records with zero surface noise
            • Napalm42's avatar
              Right up my alley as far as composition goes. Agree with the comments, not the most audiophile pressing. When things get busy a lot of tones can get washed out by the sax. His later Heaven and Earth pressing is of far better quality, but I'm a fan of Kamasi and am just happy to have his stuff in my collection.
              • edgeless22's avatar
                We are talking about almost 3 hours of music, so it's 30 minutes per side. Don't expect a super audiophile pressing, it's just impossible to do it here (it would take 6x12" to make it great). The pressing is good anyway and the listening is more than decent. The packaging is lovely!
                • AlbertHofstein's avatar
                  Edited one year ago
                  I just wonder why this record shows up in my "recommondations" list with a few certain other records about 90% of the time I click through such genres. It certainly gets heavily pushed in my face through Discogs algorithms, but hasn't reached my ears yet. Maybe some day.
                  • kraaaamer's avatar
                    Edited 3 years ago
                    Although it becomes a little long in the tooth, The Epic is a sensational debut.

                    Sadly, this version is marred by a poor pressing. It's a shame because a lot of thought went into the packaging, and the physical presentation is very nice.

                    My records shipped with a large amount of surface noise and spindle holes that are way too small. The digital presentation of this album is vastly superior. What a shame.
                    • drgn238's avatar
                      Had this one, listened for about 3/4 times...
                      Really tried to like it...
                      ...bu I just don't get it !
                      Yeah, technically top played,Marsalis brothers are also technically one of the best!
                      Executed very sharp, but idoes it say anything ( at least to me ) ?
                      I rest my case on this one: JUST PASS ME BY !!!