BibioHand Cranked

Bibio - Hand Cranked album cover
Genre:Electronic, Rock
Style:Downtempo, Folk


The Cranking House
Cherry Go Round
Black Country Blue
Above The Rooftops
Maroon Lagoon


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    Cover of Hand Cranked, 2006-03-07, CDHand Cranked
    CD, Album
    Mush – MH-244US2006US2006
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    Cover of Hand Cranked, 2006-03-07, VinylHand Cranked
    LP, Album
    Mush – MH-244US2006US2006
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    Cover of Hand Cranked, 2020-11-13, VinylHand Cranked
    LP, Album, Reissue
    Warp Records – WARPLP289UK2020UK2020
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    Cover of Hand Cranked, 2020-11-13, FileHand Cranked
    19×File, WAV, Album, Deluxe Edition, Reissue
    Warp Records – WARPCDD289X20202020
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    • Peopledust's avatar
      Edited 4 years ago
      This is a really special release which includes some of my favourite songs of recent years.
      For this second album Bibio has focused much more on his jangley finger picked steel string
      pieces which are bursting at the seams with rich hooks and melodies. These pieces are set against Bibio's unique backdrop of crackling warbling found sounds and field recordings. It's very apparent that each piece has been lovingly constructed with great attention to detail, however the emphasis is often on the imperfections which is what makes the Bibio vision such a brave one.

      I've heard many artists explore the theme of using field recordings and found sounds and old equipment as one off songs or mixed with sharper more produced sounds, here the aged sounds is consistent through out making it more of a painterly impressionistic vision and one with great integrity as the project seems to be about recreating a lost sound.

      One of the more interesting aspects of it is that it seems to be partially informed by dance music so the familiar looped samples approach is present but with the guitar parts treated this way instead of the usual beats which is quite post modern really. Handcranked is however not as varied as his brilliant debut 'Fi' so this might not be the best introduction album as it is very similar in format throughout, guitar piece after guitar piece and while some of the pieces do fall a little short, the album highlights 'Marram, Zoopraxiphone and Quantock burn so brightly that you'll just be glad you bought it. An album to cherish.
      • scoundrel's avatar
        Edited 16 years ago
        Bibio's second album, HAND CRANKED, mines much of the same area as his debut, FI, but with a noticable difference in sound. This time around, Bibio is much more wedded to folk music, though his sonic experimentation with it remains unabated. Thus, the cheery "Cherry Go Round" has much more of a rustic feel than anything on FI; "Quantock" and "Maroon Lagoon" show much more of a melodic interest, as opposed to the tone poems that populate his earlier album (though "Black Country Blue" certainly harkens back to that). "Marram" and "Woodington" have a soft melancholy surrounding them, while "Aberriw" actually adds some vocals into the layers of refracted guitars. The piano loops on "Above the Rooftops" wander around themselves, as if doing a jig. But, at his best (like on "Dyfi"), he blends nostalgia and bucolic living into a swirling mass of sound -- the countryside on peyote. A drifting, dreamy album.

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