Wolfgang VoigtRückverzauberung 10 / Nationalpark


Rückverzauberung 101:02:10

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    Cover of Rückverzauberung 10 / Nationalpark, 2015-05-25, CDRückverzauberung 10 / Nationalpark
    Profan – PROFAN CD 16Germany2015Germany2015
    Cover of Rückverzauberung 10 / Nationalpark, 2015-05-25, FileRückverzauberung 10 / Nationalpark
    File, FLAC
    Profan – PROFANCD16Germany2015Germany2015
    Cover of Rückverzauberung 10 / Nationalpark, 2015-05-23, CDRückverzauberung 10 / Nationalpark
    Octave Lab – OTLCD2164, Profan – Profan CD 16Japan2015Japan2015
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    • Cardia1's avatar
      Interesting release, although i think there should have been more variety in music, it feels like listening to the same music over 60 minutes, it would prefer several tracks instead of one giant track...despite all it's a satisfying Album but not one of my favorite by Wolfgang Voigt.
      • pinkspace's avatar
        This is such a nice deep swirling experience, that really does live up to the project's "re-enchantment" concept. It feels a bit like an ambient reprise to Ruck 9, which was bordering on Konigsforst II, really. Although the artwork and "Nationalpark" title imply terrestrial settings, listening to this really gives me impressions of cinematic deep space, a la 2001: A Space Odyssey. I've got half a mind to try playing Nationalpark as a custom soundtrack to 2001 just to see if it sticks. The softly swelling strings and almost ominous tension throughout make me filled with a sense of awe, as if I am standing on the precipice of something otherworldly and gigantic. It's like a film overture that never lifts off, but rather, fills up like a pool of vapor until you're up to your neck in it. Exceptional stuff, and really between Ruck 9, this and the Live In London release, this has got to be some of Wolfgang Voigt's finest work in years.
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          Beautiful time is offered as a listening experience from this album.

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