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Ryan James FordArthure Iccon4:26
The PersuaderSun Position4:11
Terence FixmerInside Of Me3:27
Marcel DettmannApron (PAS Tubed Mix 2)4:00
Answer Code RequestTransit 0.23:56
Dario ZenkerNearlin3:34
FBKIt's Not The Point4:07
Marcel DettmannRadar (Byetone Remix)3:24
Rod (16)RSPCT4:19
Paperclip PeopleCountry Boy Goes Dub (Marcel Dettmann Remix)4:25
Norman NodgeBB 1.03:33
François XRising3:32
Marcel DettmannLightworks (Ø [Phase] Remix)4:01
LockertmatikM_Lock 44:01
Wincent KunthCarlre3:32
Joey Anderson (2)Repulsive (Marcel Dettmann Edit)4:10
Vril (2)Torus XXXII3:53

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Cover of Fabric 77, 2014-08-18, CDFabric 77
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Fabric (2) – fabric153UK2014UK2014
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Fabric (2) – fabric153DXUK2014UK2014
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Cover of Fabric 77, 2014-08-18, CDrFabric 77
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Fabric (2) – fabric153UK2014UK2014
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schmohawk's avatar
Edited one year ago
for me this is one of the best mixes out there (this and the ben klock offering, also on fabric, should come as a pair). this is one hell of a mix, with two halves, the second (tracks 11-19) being slightly less sinister than the first, but equally as trippy and far out. highlight track for me is rod "rspct"; the outright equivalent of aural drugs. check this mix out, along with the ben klock fabric 66 cd.
ismagnr's avatar
I love this Mix, there are a lot of tracks on it which never came out... For example FBK's Its not the point, or the Phase remix of Lightworks... Anyone knows if they'll ever get a release?
noahxgibson's avatar
In mid-August, fabric released Dettmann’s third mix CD. A timing which couldn’t suit any better for Dettmann.

Since showcasing his special taste, funk, soul and style with ’Berghain 02’, a mix which not only highlighted, but confirmed him as a very special dj, moulded by his residencies and talents.

Following up on ’Berghain 02’, Music Man released his second mix CD, ’Conducted’ in late 2011, where Marcel captured the time and space in where he was right now.

Building up his reputation world wide, he has been able to carefully gather music that sounds like him—and it sounds unmistakingly like him. It’s here, in the certainty of quality, groove and persistance that Dettmann has found his stability.

Because of this stability, he has attracted artists and friends who pushes his label MDR further into a groove unknown and yet to be heard. What could’ve easily been considered obscure in a negative sense in today’s ”club world”, Marcel’s talent has made sure that MDR and the music he plays out, and the music he produces, instead solidifies not only himself but also the artists he holds close.

The fabric 77 mix CD showcases the MDR label more than it showcases Dettmann himself. Something he brilliantly stands behind and what makes us, the listeners, interested. It is here that Marcel yet again takes another step in his own world and we are keen to see what happens next.