Sasha ‎– Airdrawndagger



Drempels 1:23
Mr Tiddles 4:53
Magnetic North 5:17
Cloud Cuckoo 8:26
Immortal 4:54
Fundamental 9:13
Boileroom 7:04
Bloodlock 7:53
Requiem 6:08
Golden Arm 5:45
Wavy Gravy 7:29

Versions (16)

Cat# Artist Title (Format) Label Cat# Country Year
74321 947862 Sasha Airdrawndagger(CD, Album, P/Mixed) Arista, BMG UK & Ireland 74321 947862 UK & Europe 2002 Sell This Version
KNADV 54725-2 Sasha Airdrawndagger (Advance CD)(CD, Promo, Copy Prot., Mixed) Kinetic Records KNADV 54725-2 US 2002 Sell This Version
67728-54725-1 Sasha Airdrawndagger(3x12") Kinetic Records 67728-54725-1 US 2002 Sell This Version
74321 952921 Sasha Airdrawndagger(3x12", Album) BMG UK & Ireland, Arista 74321 952921 UK & Ireland 2002 Sell This Version
none Sasha Airdrawndagger(3x12", TP, Onl) Not On Label none UK & Europe 2002 Sell This Version
none Sasha Airdrawndagger(Acetate, 12") Not On Label (Sasha) none UK 2002 Sell This Version
74321 947862 Sasha Airdrawndagger(CD, Album) BMG UK & Ireland 74321 947862 Australia 2002 Sell This Version
BVCP-21291 Sasha Airdrawndagger(CD, Album) Arista, BMG BVCP-21291 Japan 2002 Sell This Version
74321 948882 2 Sasha Airdrawndagger(CD, Album, Copy Prot., P/Mixed, Promo) Arista, BMG UK & Ireland 74321 948882 2 UK & Europe 2002 Sell This Version
67728, 547252 Sasha Airdrawndagger(CD, Album, Mixed) Kinetic Records, Kinetic Records 67728, 547252 US 2002 Sell This Version
74321 947862 Sasha Airdrawndagger(CD, Album, P/Mixed) Arista 74321 947862 Brazil 2002 Sell This Version
BVCP-21291, BVCP 21291, 74321-97504-2, PTB-1007 Sasha Airdrawndagger(CD, Album, Sam + CD, Comp + Ltd, Promo) BMG, BMG, BMG, BMG, Arista BVCP-21291, BVCP 21291, 74321-97504-2, PTB-1007 Japan 2002 Sell This Version
74321 96571 4 Sasha Airdrawndagger(Cass, Album) BMG Russia 74321 96571 4 Russia 2002 Sell This Version
74321 96571 2 Sasha Airdrawndagger(CD, Album) BMG Russia 74321 96571 2 Russia 2004 Sell This Version
G010000459911O Sasha Airdrawndagger(11xFile, MP3, 320) Deconstruction G010000459911O UK & Europe 2010
74321 947862 Sasha Airdrawndagger(CD, Album, P/Mixed, Unofficial) Arista (2) 74321 947862 Russia Unknown Sell This Version


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July 23, 2015
referencing Airdrawndagger, CD, Album, P/Mixed, 74321 947862
More than ten years listening this album, and just wanna say that I wanna hear it for the next 80 years too.
So beautiful, and complex, really is a masterpiece of electronic music of this era.
I hope that he come back with this kind of inspiration and left behind for a little time the deep & prog, house.
Highly Recommended.


December 30, 2013
referencing Airdrawndagger, CD, Album, P/Mixed, 74321 947862

In my top 5 artist albums, easily. bloodlock is the highlight, indeed.


December 29, 2011
edited over 5 years ago
referencing Airdrawndagger, CD, Album, Mixed, 67728, 547252
Its well above-average for an electronic artist album. It must be noted that Sasha got help (and quite a bit of it) on this one, and it is very likely Charlie May did most of the work. Slightly overrated, and there are a couple of filler tracks on this release. In any case, if you like ambient house then this is an essential album to have.


August 20, 2011
referencing Airdrawndagger, CD, Album, P/Mixed, 74321 947862
This is one of my all time favourite CDs. It has everything and is one of the few CDs i can actually listen to from start to finish without getting tired/annoyed/bored. The production quality is second to none and oozes with lush synthesized soundscapes and delicious reverb.

Well worth a listen to if you're into electronic music.


October 26, 2010
referencing Airdrawndagger, CD, Album, P/Mixed, 74321 947862

Obviously people are pretty opinionated about this album. Let me just say this... I have a collection of over 6000 albums and ep's collected over the past 15 years ranging from ambient, to house, to trance and progressive. Out of all those albums, this album is in my "top 25 albums of all time lists". Seriously.


April 24, 2008
referencing Airdrawndagger, 3x12", Album, 74321 952921
This album seems to have aged nicely and the production is top-notch. Many of the tracks cut to vinyl are different/extended in some way (when compared to the CD). Magnetic North has a slightly longer breakdown section for example, and the more breakbeat-orientated tracks have dj-friendly beat intros. It's a shame Requiem or Cloud Cookoo were not included on this vinyl release but the slightly different edits included here are a nice touch. Some of the tracks on the 'New Emissions Of Light And Sound' soundtrack are of a very similar flavour, and may well be leftovers from this album.


March 11, 2008
referencing Airdrawndagger, 3x12", 67728-54725-1
Airdrawndagger first got criticized by a big load of fans who probably didn't had enough patience to experience this new piece of electronic music by the hand of Sasha. And I must say that it is a big challenge to listen to the whole album.
But isn't that a little bit what a new album should be about? Sasha took it into a very different direction here. Luckily a lot of people were impressed and especially those ambient heads. The heavenly Wavy Gravy is for sure on of the mans greatest productions. It's a great euphoric peacefull harmonic track with tight, simple and static drums. The whole album is kind of an futuristic ambient experience. Most of the tracks are based on light break beats that just serve as a small foundation. Melody and harmony that's what it is about. For sure the contribution of Junkie Xl's mixing capabilities had it's effect on the phatnes and warmth of the productions. We must conclude this is an (easy) listening album, there are no uptempo dancefloor intentions present. Some terms apposite tot the album are: fresh air, open atmosphere, peace, kindness and even love I think. Yes it is a beauty.


December 1, 2007
referencing Airdrawndagger, CD, Album, Mixed, 67728, 547252
Immortal is an awkward track that ruins the flow of the album. Stylistically it's sticks out against everything, and overall just isn't that great of a track anyway. But everything else is perfect.

Sasha, rather than one guy, is more a collective effort along the lines of The Orb or UNKLE. Its not to say Coe isn't a good producer; it's just he does do his best work with other people, like Charlie May.

Coe was aiming for an album that matched the Wow factor of Leftfield's Leftism. The 2 are completely different animals, Leftism being dub influenced and having vocals, while Airdrawn is pure instrumental prog. But yeah, Sasha & Friends created a classic.

I mean this is a good way, but Sasha's Airdrawn and Expander EP remind me a lot of Vangelis or Tangerine Dream.

I'm trying to bust myths that are placed on discogs-dot-com. So here's my second myth busted...

It is untrue that the album only plays on regular cd players and has security features. However, I got my copy the day it was released, so it could be possible that early prints weren't copy protected.

I've transfered tracks onto my computer and made copies. The cd I have was purchased at a ligitmate store and is a true Kenetic version of the album. On the linernotes it has the same catalogue number as this listing, and the UPC code on the back insert has the catalogue number followed by a 7.

A great album, just press skip right as Immortal beings to start up; or make a cd-r copy with everything but it.


December 1, 2007
referencing Airdrawndagger (Advance CD), CD, Promo, Copy Prot., Mixed, KNADV 54725-2
This promo is the probably the reason why Airdrawndagger didn't sell that well. In the words of Sasha, it got leaked on the net a few weeks prior to release. Before I went to Ibiza in July 2002 I downloaded the full mp3 on the then free p2p program Kazaa so I actually was able to listen to this on the balcony of my room at the hotel before the CD came out, and for free. Listening to it in the hot sun was an experience I will never forget. Unlike some promos (like Global Underground) it does not feature samples on the top saying that it is a promo copy only.

However, a few weeks later when I got back from my hols I bought a proper CD copy because I wanted to support Sasha and have a lossless copy. I also bought the unmixed vinyl but was unhappy to see that Cloud Cuckoo was missing from it. You should note that the tracks on the unmixed vinyl are slightly different from the mixed CD, track 3 especially diring the breakdown. Its the same with Involver.

Highly recommended - one of the best electronic CD artist albums of the last decade.


October 6, 2006
edited over 10 years ago
referencing Airdrawndagger, CD, Album, P/Mixed, 74321 947862

Once again I am making an attempt to describe music - and the feeling it gives me - with words. This CD, just as most of Sasha's production, is close to what I call musical perfection. The track layout is perfect. The album starts up nice and slow, moves on to a harder and more uptempo part, to finish off nice and slow again. Also, all the tracks are made with greatest perfection and musical skill. My personal favourites are 'Mr. Tiddles', 'Cloud Cuckoo' and 'Bloodlock'.