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    Watchers In The Sky9:08
    Warm Slinky10:17
    Attitude Engine9:50
    Hornrider (Red Bourbon Mix)9:45
    Durka Durka8:04
    Slang Thang8:33
    Apollo, Son Of Rifa9:00
    Starseeker (Crystal Skies '08 Mix)8:37
    Gawn Sarf5:30

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    Cover of Fourthought, 2008, CDrFourthought
    CDr, Album, Promo
    Phar Psyde Records – PHAR004CDUK2008UK2008
    Cover of Fourthought, 2008-09-00, CDFourthought
    CD, Album
    Phar Psyde Records – PHAR004CDUK2008UK2008


    hexakosioi's avatar
    Ok now, I got this when it was first released and I think I can say that no one can become more experienced than these guys, except maybe Simon Posford. The amount of layers and details cant be said.

    This album has a very special place in my heart, personally, this is their best work yet, even better than the amazing Free Range. My favourite tracks are: Warm Slinky, Hornrider (Red Bourbon Mix), Durka Durka, Slang Thang, Apollo, Son Of Rifa , Starseeker (Crystal Skies '08 Mix), Gawn Sarf.

    Warm Slinky is a very warm track, although it takes time to grow on you

    Hornrider is very very good too.

    There is a part in Durka,Durka right in the middle always gives me goose pumps when I listen to.

    Apollo, Son Of Rifa is the masterpiece here. It is so creative and so crazy, you cant find anything like it.

    This album is so special like I said, its so fun but in a sad and depressing manner, I love that. Free Range was fun in a crazy way.

    One of the best releases this year and all time.