Prodigal (5)Electric Eye

Style:AOR, Pop Rock


Scene Of The Crime4:44
Fast Forward4:43
Just What I Need3:08
Emerald City3:23
Electric Eye5:00
Shout It Out3:25

Credits (23)


The vinyl LP, at the end of Side B in the runoff groove (by the edge of the label) has 8 groove cuts (8 revolutions) worth of audio which contains a Commodore 64 program in BASIC. When the audio is fed into the C-64 it boots up a simple program titled "Electric Eye" with 2 quotes: one from Albert Einstein and one from Jesus Christ. Author of the computer program is named as "TCB 1984".


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    Cover of Electric Eye, 1984, VinylElectric Eye
    LP, Album, Enhanced, Hub Pressing
    Heartland Records (2) – HR 38650US1984US1984
    Cover of Electric Eye, 1984, VinylElectric Eye
    LP, Album, Enhanced
    Heartland Records (2) – HR 38650US1984US1984
    Recently Edited
    Cover of The Electric Eye Radio Special, 1984, VinylThe Electric Eye Radio Special
    LP, Promo, Special Edition
    Heartland Records (2) – EERS 38650US1984US1984
    New Submission
    Cover of Electric Eye, 1984, CassetteElectric Eye
    Cassette, Album, Stereo
    Heartland Records (2) – HR 38650US1984US1984
    New Submission
    Cover of Electric Eye, 2009, CDrElectric Eye
    CDr, Album, Reissue, Unofficial Release
    Time Warp Records (3) – noneItaly2009Italy2009
    New Submission
    Cover of Electric Eye (Legends Remastered), 2018, CDElectric Eye (Legends Remastered)
    CD, Reissue, Remastered, Stereo
    Retroactive Records – RRCD1451US2018US2018
    Recently Edited
    Cover of Electric Eye, 2020, VinylElectric Eye
    LP, Enhanced, Limited Edition, Reissue, Remastered, Transparent Red
    Retroactive Records – RRV1528US2020US2020
    New Submission
    Cover of Electric Eye, , FileElectric Eye
    File, MP3
    Heartland Records – HR 38650
    New Submission



    • jmcd1965's avatar
      Beware of buying this album. I bought a copy of this album on Ebay and paid nearly $50 for it just for the novelty of having C64 data on vinyl and it's not even there. There must have been another pressing that didn't include it and I got it. I've listened to the entire album - both sides -outgrooves and all and there's nothing of the sort. Just music. grmbl grmblll.... At least it was pretty good music for Christian music of the time, which was otherwise pretty bland and boring, but this is pretty good.
      • anamyd's avatar
        Came here from 8-Bit Show And Tell's YouTube video :)

        Probably wouldn't be my kind of music, though. But digital data on vinyl in the 80s, long before the digital vinyl DJ scratch tools stuff!
        • AcidHouseCasual88's avatar
          Edited 4 years ago
          35 Year-Old C64 Basic Program Easter Egg Hidden In Run Out Groove On B Side Of Record
          Perfection of Means And Confusion Of Ends Seems To Characterize Our Age, Albert Einstein Taking About Understanding Quantum Physics In 1941
          Peace I Leave With You, My Peace I Give You, I Do Not Give To You As The World Gives, Do Not Let Your Hearts Be Troubled And Do Not Be Afraid, John 14:27
          TCB 1984, The Quote Were Printed In The Sleeve Notes On Their 3rd And Final Album,
          Yoda, The Care Bears (TCB) From Sweden Were a Hacking Crew In The 1980s And Did a Lot Of Stuff For The Atari ST

          And How Does The Selling Price Go From £13.00 To £114.00 In December 2019 And Was Last Sold In October 2019, The Record Is Not Worth That At All Another Greedy Seller On Here, And From A 80's American Christian Prog Rock Group Too

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