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ElectronicatVoodoo Man



Dans Les Bois
Wap Doowop
Rock + Shuffle All Over You
Scratch You Baby Bird
Savage Cat
The Smell Of Danger
Flesh + Accessories
Rainbow Massaker
In My Dreams
A Lovers' Suitcase
Mummy Cat (Part 1)
Mummy Cat (Part 2)

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4 versions
Cover of Voodoo Man, 2005-03-28, CDVoodoo Man
CD, Album
Disko B – DB128CDGermany2005Germany2005
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Cover of Voodoo Man, 2005, VinylVoodoo Man
2×12", Album
Disko B – DB128Germany2005Germany2005
Recently Edited
Cover of Voodoo Man, 2005, CDVoodoo Man
CD, Album
Disko B – DB 128 CDRussia2005Russia2005
Cover of Voodoo Man, 2005, CDVoodoo Man
CD, Album, Promo
Disko B – DB128CDGermany2005Germany2005
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dsyn2spin's avatar
This album is just fantastic. It's the kind of thing that you can play
around people who don't think they like techno music, and they'll
dig it, but don't tell them it's techno though. It might spoil their day.
This release seems to be entirely over looked by vinyl enthusiasts
who are into good electronic styles. It can be had for criminally low
prices. And it's not easy to find either. At least not in the USA.
It's only a matter of time until the word gets around how good
this LP really is. Then it will be a $50 item at least.
Edited 9 years ago
"Voodoo Man" is possibly one of the the most outstanding contemporary releases in my collection. Fred´s first album "21st Century Toy" was already a great release, but "Voodoo Man" is the shit! If you love Rockabilly, Exotica, Noise, Glam Rock and Electro, you will die for it, as I did when I heard the promo CD for the first time. Electronicat balances all these styles in perfection and makes the "Voodoo Man" a pefect Discobilly Pop record for any occasion. It will be one of my alltime faves!
steady-j's avatar
Edited 8 years ago
Rockabilly breakcore anyone?

I got this album as of part of a cheap package that contained one or two I really wanted, and on first listen I didn't really get the appeal of this, but after a couple of tries I started feeling it.

A really strange mash-up of styles with rock-n-roll guitars and rhythms, riffs half-stolen from heavy metal greats, odd camp vocalisations, 80s glam rock styling, and all sorts of distorted electronics from glitchy minimalism to noisy buzzsaw gabba taking in a sort of electroclash feel along the way.

Difficult to classify, and not necessarily going to be your cup of tea, can get a bit wearing at times, but very inventive and unusual, and a bit of a breath of fresh air if you fancy something different.