FaithlessInsomnia 2.0 (Avicii Extended Remix)6:17
FaithlessWe Come 1 2.0 (Armin Van Buuren Remix)4:40
FaithlessGod Is A DJ 2.0 (Tiesto And Faithless Remix)4:21
FaithlessMuhammad Ali 2.0 (High Contrast Remix)4:33
FaithlessSalva Mea 2.0 (Above & Beyond Remix)5:53
FaithlessNot Going Home 2.0 (Eric Prydz Remix)8:00
Faithless Featuring Cass Fox*Music Matters 2.0 (Axwell Remix)7:37
FaithlessI Was There5:34
FaithlessMiss U Less, See You More 2.0 (Purple Disco Machine Remix)6:47
FaithlessTarantula 2.0 (Booka Shade Remix)6:04
Faithless Featuring Harry CollierBombs 2.0 (Claptone Remix)5:19
FaithlessDrifting Away 2.0 (Autograf Remix)5:31
FaithlessDon't Leave 2.0 (Until The Ribbon Breaks Remix)3:28
FaithlessInsomnia 2.0 (Avicii Remix)3:05
FaithlessInsomnia (Monster Mix)8:38
FaithlessMass Destruction (Single Version)3:31
FaithlessGod Is A DJ7:56
FaithlessDon't Leave3:59
FaithlessMuhammad Ali3:30
FaithlessWe Come 13:42
FaithlessSalva Mea10:40
Faithless Featuring DidoOne Step Too Far3:24
FaithlessBring My Family Back6:15
Faithless Featuring Harry CollierBombs4:56
Faithless Featuring DidoFeelin' Good3:14
FaithlessNot Going Home3:13

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    Cover of 2.0, 2015-10-02, CD2.0
    CD, Album, Mixed, Stereo; CD, Compilation, Stereo
    Cheeky Records – 88875071602, Sony Music – 88875071602Europe2015Europe2015
    Cover of 2.0, 2015-10-09, CD2.0
    CD, Album, Mixed; CD, Compilation
    RCA – 88875-15209-2, Cheeky Records – 88875-15209-2US2015US2015
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    Cover of 2.0, 2015-10-09, File2.0
    14×File, MP3, Album, 320 kbps; 14×File, MP3, Compilation, 320 kbps; File, MP3, Album, Mixed, 320 kbps
    Cheeky Records – G010003285757NEurope2015Europe2015
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    Cover of 2.0, 2015-12-04, Vinyl2.0
    2×LP, Compilation, Stereo
    Sony Music – 88875071591, Cheeky Records – 88875071591Europe2015Europe2015
    New Submission
    Cover of 2.0, 2015-09-00, CDr2.0
    CDr, Album, Mixed; CDr, Compilation; All Media, Promo
    Sony Music – 88875071602Europe2015Europe2015
    New Submission
    Cover of 2.0, 2015-10-02, CD2.0
    CD, Album, Mixed; CD, Compilation
    Sony Music – 888751520929, Cheeky Records – 888751520929Australia2015Australia2015
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    • mikevid's avatar
      So stupid not to add “Not going home (Eric Prytz remix)” on vinyl
      • jelleb96's avatar
        Bought it primarily for side c. Worth it. All the greatness from faithless presented with good spacious dynamics. Better than the cd version of this album and the forever faithless cd. I guess vinyl just gets better treatment sometimes
        • Scottt330's avatar
          Just purchased this album and my quality of my copy is excellent and sounds great
          • DXNDJ's avatar
            2021 Re-issue of this release is 140g.
            I just got it from an online shop where they had the info (before i notice them) from original 2015 release that the records are 180gr.
            • mike.g's avatar
              Edited 5 years ago
              My copy also has scratches although doesn't seem to affect playback too much.

              It is a worthy mention that this is the only vinyl release to date that contains the radio version of Don't Leave & We Come 1.
              • hparchietekt's avatar
                If the below comments are anything to go by, I seemingly go against the tide of popular opinion by saying that I absolutely love this album. I have the vinyl copy (2 x 12") and the CD (3 disc) versions....the CD does seem to have an awful lot of unnecessary mixes on it, but the vinyl is superb IMHO. The vinyl sounds AWESUM (no quality control issues on my copy....) and the Muhammad Ali remix is one of my favourite tracks....dare I say it, I prefer it to the original by miles. I don't get all the comments about 'why bother' with the remixes....Faithless have (nearly) always produced alternative versions of their albums right from the start with Reverence/Irreverence, etc., why not an alternative 'Greatest Hits' too ? I have no problem with that. Been a fan right since the mid 90's when 'Reverence' first came out...I was a postgrad student at the time and the CD was played non-stop in our house for months! Lucky enough to see them live at 'V' in 2000, 2001 and again in 2002 at Brixton Academy (my fave venue) when they were in their absolute prime and were supported by the excellent Kosheen (what a night that was! The best gig I have ever been too!!). Glad to see that the ratings on here are so high for this the time of writing this, it has an overall rating of 4.43 after 120 I am clearly not the only who enjoys this compilation!
                • .NightHawk.'s avatar
                  Edited 7 years ago
                  Quality control on this vinyl release seems to be abismal. My copy has a lot of surface marks and scratches all over it and an actual chipped-off piece of vinyl on the outer ring (luckily only a tiny bit not affecting any grooves.)
                  • Barking_Spiders's avatar
                    Listen here. Trance stopped being relevant/interesting in 2002 but unfortunately the likes of Above & Beyond, Tiesto etc keep on flogging this dead horse. Even worse, it has been morphing with pop to produce 'EDM', the most insipid of all club music. Among the worst perpetrators have been let loose on Faithless' hits, and in doing so have undone all the quality production that made the originals so great. Only d n b producer High Contrast gets off, the rest, particularly the supremely useless Avicii, are shown up for the overpaid, talentless charlatans they are. My advice, buy Forever Faithless instead.
                    • Mrmilano's avatar
                      Why Go??? to the extent of remaking perfectly good songs and mixes, into new EDM crap!? why is Avicii even a featured artist touching and completely messing up one of the underground electronic hymns of all time into an easy to digest piece o chip EDM formula tune?! what a desecration!... I am amazed that Maxi Jazz would allow for this to happen.
                      Some other mixes are actually alright, shcu has the Autograf remix of Drifting Away.. obviously not EDM crap.
                      Without a doubt nothing else than a sad return to jump on the EDM craze bandwagon from the record label.

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