Leaving The City3:46
Goose Eggs4:59
Waltz Of The 101st Lightborne5:19
The Things I Say2:34
Same Old Man2:26
You Will Not Take My Heart Alive 3:58
A Pin-Light Bent4:22
Time, As a Symptom5:20

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    Cover of Divers, 2015-10-23, CDDivers
    CD, Album
    Drag City – DC561CDUK, Europe & US2015UK, Europe & US2015
    Cover of Divers, 2015-10-23, VinylDivers
    2×LP, Album
    Drag City – DC561US2015US2015
    Cover of Divers, 2015-10-23, CassetteDivers
    Cassette, Album
    Drag City – DC561CSUS2015US2015
    Cover of Divers, 2015-10-23, CDDivers
    CD, Album
    P-Vine Records – PCD-18803 Japan2015Japan2015
    Cover of Divers, 2015-10-23, VinylDivers
    2×LP, Album, Test Pressing
    Drag City – DC561US2015US2015
    New Submission
    Cover of Divers, 2015-10-23, CDDivers
    CD, Album, Promo
    Drag City – DC561CD-PUK, Europe & US2015UK, Europe & US2015
    Cover of Divers, 2015-10-23, FileDivers
    11×File, FLAC, Album
    Drag City – DC561CD20152015
    • GlynyrdSkynyrd's avatar
      I just bought a gently used copy of this LP, cleaned it and have had no problems with surface noise. I will say that the vinyl looked a bit grimy, like it came that way from the pressing plant, not from mishandling by its former owner. Musically, this one is growing on me and reminds me a bit of the mid 90's, when the alt- music scene was flourishing, and I was listening to a lot of college radio.
      • asamatteroffak's avatar
        Music is fantastic, no doubt about it! Yet my copy was a bit like many mentioned here: lots of surface noise, even quite a few pops on certain tracks. Mesmerizing experience nonetheless, even if the mixing could have felt more profound. I perhaps did not feel immersed in the sound as much as I would have wanted to.
        • arievandam's avatar
          Sounds fantastic and the tip on jacket is super high quality. I had a couple pops on side 4 but other than that it was quiet and gorgeous sounding! A really great package!
          • mancoon's avatar
            Edited one year ago
            The packaging overall is beautiful and matches the music well in that sense. However I can't understand, with all the effort put into this, why they would house the discs in these plain hard paper sleeves.

            Press quality is fine on my copy. Sounds great as well.

            Really love the instrumentation on this album. The harp, synths and keyboards create a beautiful symbiosis.
            • fishpresident's avatar
              Got a bit of an iffy copy, brand new but scuffed up with some surface noise. Loud pops on Time As a Symptom and Divers. Packaging was also scratched up. A bit upset because of how pricey it was, but it's a great album so I got over it.
              • alexgoodnycrecords's avatar
                Edited 2 years ago
                As all of her records (on LP) are currently unaffordable, this is my first excursion in the work of Joanna Newsom and my first impression is to say interesting to say the least. There is something really old school Kate Bush thing going on, but that’s not it maybe? Truly original sound. The vinyl presentation is stunning. The lyrics come in their own record insert with high quality photographs with the lyrics and their production details on the back. Clearly a labor of love. I’m no audiophile but the person who mentioned surface noise did not listen to the same records I did. The first disc does look to have a slight warp but who cares? Now the question will be, will the music bring me back?
                • mdp432's avatar
                  A bit disappointed with my copy of this release. There is a tiny bit of background noise, as another mentioned, and a bit of warping near the edge of the first vinyl. Biggest problem is a small gouge near the end of Sapokanikan, one of my favorites on the album! Otherwise sounds great.
                  • attractiveco's avatar
                    Sapokanikan has become, for me, the best song released so far this century. I'm surprised that it wasn't released as a physical single as Radio Six played it a lot in the UK, and there is the sweet video too. The whole album is captivating and I hope there will be more from Joanna soon.
                    • Chalkers's avatar
                      Oh man, the song Divers transports me to another world. What an utterly captivating and spellbinding ode to love and sadness in almost equal measure.

                      "And in an infinite regress
                      Tell me why is the pain of birth
                      Lighter borne than the pain of death?
                      I can't claim that I loved you first
                      But I loved you best"

                      One of those songs where I just have to commit to entirely when it plays and just let the song wash over me.
                      • lilla.beckman's avatar
                        this is easily the most gorgeous vinyl record i own... i have never seen anything in my life like this (reminds me a lot of the said artist ;).

                        the layout shines through as having a huge amount of thought put into every single detail. with the 4 moon phases shaped on the top of the record labels. above the absolutely siren pluming photographs of Joanna and her Scarlet Macaw. the black sleeves and the glossy lyric cards with the stunning surrealism artwork on the back on them (by Kim Keever). and the matte gatefold artwork is textured ,... wow.

                        the records themselves aren't 180 gram but they don't need to be. clear, quiet as a mouse and i haven't experienced any interruptions nor skips. what a record to uphold, 10/10.

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