Helloween - Helloween pidduck2006

January 10, 2019
referencing Helloween, 12", N 0021, N0021
Would appreciate any advice on my version, which, appears to be the same as this one but it comes with a plain white inner paper sleeve and a double sided full colour "Noise International" merchandise sales leaflet?

Helloween - Helloween Neonknightprowler

October 3, 2018
edited 7 months ago
referencing Helloween, 12", Unofficial, Min, HM 226
This is without a doubt a Korean issue, the back-cover in b/w used to be a standard in most of korean's '80s vinyl releases (or in some cases lyrics from the inner-sleeve on the back-cover). This changed at the early 1990s after the fall of communist regime: after that many '80s albums (at least speaking for metal albums here) got issued again in better overall quality or either issued for the first time ever. That means, if you're holding an "80's korean vinyl" in your hands and it looks fancy & good looking, you can be sure it's very possibly NOT released in the '80s, but at the early '90s.

Helloween - Helloween dr.rock.oz

January 24, 2018
referencing Helloween, CD, MiniAlbum, NSR5991-2
Is this CD an authorized release or a pirate copy?

Helloween - Helloween jopopoe

April 25, 2018
referencing Helloween, CD, MiniAlbum, NSR5991-2
I am far from being an expert on the matter, but if sure looks like a unofficial release to me : it is printed on thick, glossy cardboard, booklet interior is totally white, the inner photo is from the wrong time period (it features Michael Kiske) and the random bonus tracks inserted in the middle of the setlist remind me of russian bootleggers habits.
But maybe I am too suspicious and it's just Malaysian quality control that is not up to European standards. It does feature a "original" sticker on the front that is supposed to prove it is indeed an official release, but I suppose if you can forge a CD, a tray and a booklet, you can also forge a sticker.

Sorry for the lack of definite answer, but at least now you have some elements to make up your own mind !