Lipps Inc.* - How Long / There They Are barneysgrooves27200

March 30, 2016
referencing How Long / There They Are, 12", Maxi, 6000 512
"How Long" is the original sample used by Justus Köhncke on "Timecode" (Kompakt).

Lipps, Inc. - How Long as reviewed by PASSADO_MUSIC

April 8, 2012
referencing How Long, 12", S/Sided, Promo, NBD 20225 DJ
I have this as NBD20230 DJ Promo

Lipps, Inc. - How Long as reviewed by rochard

February 4, 2012
edited over 7 years ago
referencing How Long, 7", Single, 6000 509
Such a really great record! I still realised that, when I listening to the cover version from Master "Justus Köhncke-Timecode"

Check it out, both records are timeless hits!

Lipps Inc* - How Long as reviewed by jazzliscious

May 1, 2004
referencing How Long, 12", Single, CANL 212

Darn it all, why are these excellent early dance tunes so completely forgotten? I mean, the Ace version of this song will forever live in me, and I was skeptical about a "disco dance" version of a great "M.O.R. rock" song, but dad burn it all, this one is pretty darn good! The obligatory (to Steven Greenberg) synth breakdown is just plain COOL! It's like the sonic depiction of robots doing the line dance of the day. Golly I miss when synths were used imaginitively! That's why analog rules! Analog synths were used to CREATE sounds whether they existed or not, digital synths were just used to imitate sounds. And that was pretty much before the infamous DX 7 by Yamaha, dating back to New England Digital's Synclavier, which was touted for its "ultra realism" - to imitate the sounds of pianos and guitars and such. But those analog synths created their own universes of sound! Steven Greenberg used synths very imaginitively from hit #1 (Funkytown) all the way up to his breakbeat extravaganza "Hit The Deck" in '85. There is no listing for that one on Discogs, and I gave up trying to submit an entry. Look for it. Look for anything put out by "Lipps Inc." They're all great! Period.