10,000 ManiacsMTV Unplugged

Style:Folk Rock, Pop Rock


Noah's Dove
These Are Days
Eat For Two
Candy Everybody Wants
I'm Not The Man
Don't Talk
Hey Jack Kerouac
What's The Matter Here?
Gold Rush Brides
Like The Weather
Trouble Me
Stockton Gala Days
Because The Night
Let The Mystery Be

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    Cover of MTV Unplugged, 1994, VHSMTV Unplugged
    VHS, NTSC, hi-fi
    Elektra – 40183-3US1994US1994
    New Submission
    Cover of MTV Unplugged, 1994, LaserdiscMTV Unplugged
    Laserdisc, 12", Album, Remastered, Stereo, NTSC, CLV
    Elektra Video – 40183-6, Elektra Video – 40183-3, Elektra Video – 40183US1994US1994
    Cover of MTV Unplugged, 1994, VHSMTV Unplugged
    VHS, PAL
    Warner Music Vision – 8536 40183-3, Elektra Video – 8536 40183-3, MTV Unplugged – 8536401833Australasia1994Australasia1994
    New Submission
    MTV Unplugged
    VHS, PAL, hi-fi
    Warner Music Vision – 8536 40183-319941994
    New Submission
    Cover of MTV Unplugged, , VHSMTV Unplugged
    VHS, Promo
    Elektra – noneUSUS
    New Submission



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      Edited one year ago
      The real time is 60 + 13 (73 minutes), not 100 + 13 (113). So, the whole thing can fit on any CD-R.

      As for the "remaster", I ripped the audio via SP/DIF and compared a few tracks to the CD and it looks like the LaserDisc audio is closer to the source tape than the CD. However, how can I know for sure :-/ ?. The CD appears to have been boosted while the LaserDisc most certainly doesn't (in fact it could probably use a little boost).

      Sadly, at the end of side A there is a fade out. At the beginning of side B there is a fade in. No matter where you stitch the 2 sides together you'll always end up with a dip in the amplitude but, with some patience, you can get the dip to less than 0.3 seconds. Since the dip occurs while the audience is clapping, you'll probably never notice it unless you know it's there. After editing and stitching the actual time of all audible sound from the concert is 72 minutes and 42 seconds.

      If you want it, you shouldn't have any trouble finding it. With observation only, you can deduce that this LD is not rare by any means. It's sold frequently on here (Discogs) and even more frequently on e-bay. It's even sold semi-frequently on sites dedicated to LaserDiscs. Elektra Entertainment (now part of the 300 Elektra Entertainment umbrella as of June 22, 2022) isn't a little company.

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