Jam & SpoonTales From A Danceographic Ocean (Remixes)


Black Side
Stella (Barracuda Mix)6:34
Stella (Electro Mix)5:42
Silver Side

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Contains versions which feature remixes of Stella


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    Cover of The Complete Stella, 1992-05-26, VinylThe Complete Stella
    12", 33 ⅓ RPM
    R & S Records – RSUK 14X, Outer Rhythm – RSUK 14XUK1992UK1992
    Cover of Stella (Moby Remixes), 1992-05-26, VinylStella (Moby Remixes)
    12", 33 ⅓ RPM
    R & S Records – RSUK14R, R & S Records – RSUK 14RUK1992UK1992
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    Cover of Tales From A Danceographic Ocean (Remixes), 1992, VinylTales From A Danceographic Ocean (Remixes)
    12", 33 ⅓ RPM
    R & S Records – RS 9208Belgium1992Belgium1992
    Cover of The Complete Stella, 1992-05-26, CDThe Complete Stella
    CD, Single
    R & S Records – RSUK 14XCD, Outer Rhythm – RSUK 14XCDUK1992UK1992
    Cover of Stella - Tales From Danceographic Oceans, 1992, CDStella - Tales From Danceographic Oceans
    CD, Maxi-Single
    Dance Pool – DAN 657931 5, Dance Pool – 657931 5Germany1992Germany1992
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    Cover of Stella, 1992, VinylStella
    R & S Records – RS 92708Belgium1992Belgium1992
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    Cover of Tales From A Danceographic Ocean (Remixes), 1992, CDTales From A Danceographic Ocean (Remixes)
    CD, Maxi-Single
    R & S Records – RS9208CDBelgium1992Belgium1992
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    Cover of Stella - Tales From Danceographic Oceans, 1992, VinylStella - Tales From Danceographic Oceans
    Dance Pool – DAN 657931 8Germany1992Germany1992
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    Cover of Stella, 1992, CDStella
    CD, Maxi-Single
    R & S Records – RS92078CD2Belgium1992Belgium1992
    Recently Edited
    Cover of The Complete Stella, 1992, VinylThe Complete Stella
    12", 33 ⅓ RPM
    Basic Mix – BASIX - 064Spain1992Spain1992
    Cover of Stella, 1992, CDStella
    CD, Maxi-Single
    On The Beat – OTB 1051-2France1992France1992
    Cover of Stella, 1996, CDStella
    CD, Maxi-Single, Reissue
    R & S Records – RS 9203 CD, R & S Records – RS9203CDBelgium1996Belgium1996
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    • leonardstilwell's avatar
      The Barracuda and Jam & Spoon remixes are the cream on this release. The others are ok, but just don't have that same magical rave quality of the two aforementioned.
      • 1975dave's avatar
        wicked track I wish I owed this 9 track version proper old skool check out right in the night find me and the double album tripomatic fairytales 2001 and 2002 this true techno ambient not todays commercial rubbish **************************
        • scoundrel's avatar
          Edited 10 years ago
          STELLA is such a classic that it seems redundant to sing its praises. With its solid beat and the emotive synths that reverberate in one's soul (not to mention the breathy voice, imploring, 'Hold me, love me'), the original is a deeply-felt track that deserve every bit of receives. Moby's "Barracuda Mix" doesn't differ from the original in terms of melodic content with the exception of a new vocal sample and some piano chords, as well as adding a mellower set of percussion for a more chilled experience, while his "Electro Mix" takes those same elements and goes slightly deeper, varying the rhythmic patterns into a 2-minute long build before the 4/4 kicks in. Jam & Spoon's own remix adds a tinkling line like water droplets, as well as some deeper elements, and, more surprisingly goes totally ambient for its second half. Finally, Frank de Wulf's mix straddles the line between hard and soft, but keeping the feet firmly on the floor. There's no denying: Stella is still stellar.
          • trancer88's avatar
            this is a very good example for the genre that is a hybrid of chicago house, ambient, industrial and detroit techno.
            • Astronica's avatar
              Edited 16 years ago
              Dance and electronic music has been widely criticised from a number of angles for its apparent lack of emotion and soul. But the Original Mix of 'Stella' is tantalising, provocative and music at its most sensuous, regardless of genre categorisation. From the onset, the track is underpinned by gorgeous, seductive swathes of synth that bristle then soften alternately, in combination with nimble, insistent yet playful piano keys that contribute an additional layer to the sound. Once the track breaks, the gentle, appealingly whispered "hold me, love me" vocals are seamlessly integrated on top of the track's numerous layers of sound, bringing with them an increased sonic perception of passion and sensuality. Dark, brooding, intense and uncompromisingly passionate, the Original Mix of 'Stella' is the musical manifestation of the deepest of human desires.
              • tricky_01's avatar
                Edited 16 years ago
                The silver side label says that the tracks should be played at 45rpm. However, play the black side "Barracuda Mix" at 33rpm and you get a beautiful, mellow, blissed-out track with dreamy vocals that sounds much more akin the Stella I remember from back in the day.
                • dexterfeng's avatar
                  Edited 17 years ago
                  A gentle classic and a very different twist on the sound steadily emerging from Germany, circa '92.
                  With this simple, elegant, messy, roll your eyes back, grind yer teeth, sweaty palms in the air anthem of a song that wouldn't sound entirely out of place next to something by Tangerine Dream. This is how trance came to be. A sound being explored by several others at the time but nothing else hit with such a huge impact as Stella.
                  How many one night stands and/or couples emerged out of the "Hold me, Love me" cocoon of this one?
                  Bring the love indeed!
                  Moby's Electro mix is pure floor to ceiling delirium. Where the original mix and the Jam & Spoon remix capture the essence of that gentle warm feeling of MMMMMMM and the sigh. The Electro mix captures that pounding heart 'gnar gnar' gaffled panting sweaty armpit feeling quite well. A steady climber with rolls and waves of snares that are sure to compound the affect when used properly.
                  • Alain_Patrick's avatar
                    Edited one year ago
                    'Stella' still stands as one of the greatest classics of the genre in history. Deep, minimal hypnotic trance with a very sensual climax, it was released in 1992 on Renaat Vandepapelière's R&S label. Almost instantly, it invaded the dancefloors worldwide to reach the Pantheon of underground club classics beauties.
                    Rolf Ellmer (Jam El Mar) & Markus Löffel aka Mark Spoon, which had met in the early 90s, decided to rent a studio and work on music for their new project. Before Mark arrived that day, Jam El Mar started to elaborate the main synth lines of Stella. He used an Oberheim XPander, and also the Roland System 700 for the beeps sound, an Akai S-1000 sampler (from which came the guitar sound of its presets), and the Roland TR-909 for the beats. Stella's vocals came from a singer they knew from Darmstadt, Taya. The rest is history.
                    The title came as a suggestion from Mark, because of his girlfriend's name. Years later, Jam El Mar would give the name to his daughter.

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