Michael Sembello - Without Walls davidgil1980

October 10, 2018
referencing Without Walls, LP, Album, SP-5044, SP 5044
Were can I found the song "Hysterical"?? I have the japan edition LP, the japan edition cd and 45" the single "Tear Down The Walls/The Picture" and would like to complete my collection with this song, but i cannot find it anywere.

Michael Sembello - Without Walls chadergeist

June 9, 2017
referencing Without Walls, LP, Album, SP-5044, SP 5044
I'm glad "What You Really Want" wasn't deleted from the USA lp, i just wish that "The Picture" was added to Side 2 of the USA lp.

Michael Sembello - Without Walls as reviewed by audiodile

April 27, 2017
referencing Without Walls, CDr, Album, RE, Unofficial, none
Non-officlal version only features the same cover art on the front cover, for some reason all back cover & disc art is unrelated and more amateurish.

Sound quality is good although excessive noise reduction is evident.

Since the Japanese release is prohibitively expensive, this is good, not amazing replica at a fraction of the cost.