Twit One & Hulk Hodn / Suff DaddyHi-Hat Club (Vol. 1): Testiculo Y Uno / Hi-Hat Club (Vol. 2): Suff Draft

Genre:Hip Hop


Hi-Hat Club (Vol. 1): Testiculo Y Uno
Twit OneOne For Bandini
Twit OneAhab Vs. Tarantula
Twit OneMariquita
Twit OneDirty Face
Twit One3rd
Twit OneWindyridge
Twit OneDiploma
Twit OneStereostalker
Hulk HodnAutumn
Hulk HodnDeetermeter
Hulk HodnEssicati
Hulk HodnRawissue
Hulk HodnDontstartnoshiat
Hulk HodnLater
Hulk HodnOrto Mio
Hulk HodnStinkendeleiche
Hulk HodnWedoeveryday
Hulk HodnSandig
Hulk HodnTemptation
Hi-Hat Club (Vol. 2): Suff Draft
Suff DaddyUp In This Mothafucka
Suff DaddyAndros
Suff DaddyNow That You're Mine
Suff DaddyChinatown Chill
Suff DaddyThe Paper
Suff DaddyVices
Suff DaddyDaddy
Suff DaddyJoin The Club
Suff DaddyD.I. Luv
Suff DaddyAnti Swagger
Suff DaddyLike That
Suff DaddyCreepin
Suff DaddyS.Ex. (Suff Experiment)
Suff DaddyIsley Interlude
Suff DaddySip Liquor
Suff DaddyHigh Life
Suff DaddyOne For Rawls
Suff DaddySuff In China
Suff DaddyChocolate Mountain
Suff DaddyLottahydro

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    Cover of Hi-Hat Club (Vol. 1), 2009-05-29, VinylHi-Hat Club (Vol. 1)
    LP, Album, Limited Edition
    Melting Pot Music – MPM-077Germany2009Germany2009
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    Cover of Hi-Hat Club (Vol. 1): Testiculo Y Uno / Hi-Hat Club (Vol. 2): Suff Draft, 2009-11-00, CDHi-Hat Club (Vol. 1): Testiculo Y Uno / Hi-Hat Club (Vol. 2): Suff Draft
    CD, Album
    Melting Pot Music – MPM-082Germany2009Germany2009
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    • ritterkai's avatar
      This is German engineering at its finest Ladies and Gentlemen.
      • themarcknight's avatar
        This is one of hip-hops hidden gems. I find it unbelievable that less than 500 people own this, a good example that ignorance isn't always bliss. From the second the needle touches this record you can't help but chill. I think if you were to hand out copies of this album and a nice fat spliff to all the world leaders we could achieve world peace. Jazzy, Hip-Hoppy vibes and the occasional Richard Pryor quote makes for some good listening. Sound quality is awesome you can hear all the subtle sounds and noises. end.

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