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    Cover of Obsession, 1992-11-00, VinylObsession
    Clubscene Records – CSRT003UK1992UK1992
    12", White Label
    Clubscene Records – CSRT003UK1992UK1992
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    Cover of Obsession, 1994-08-22, VinylObsession
    12", 45 RPM, Single, Stereo
    Clubscene Records – CSRT 027UK1994UK1994
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    Cover of Obsession, 1994-08-22, CDObsession
    CD, Single
    Clubscene Records – D-CSRT 027UK1994UK1994
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    Cover of Obsession, 1994, CDObsession
    CD, Maxi-Single
    Central Station – CSR CD5 0054Australia1994Australia1994
    Cover of Obsession, 1994, VinylObsession
    12", White Label, 33 ⅓ RPM
    Clubscene Records – CSRT027UK1994UK1994
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    • 2Styliztik's avatar
      It was an interesting decision by Clubscene Records to re-release Obsession again after two years, clearly the label thought it could squeeze out some extra Scottish Pounds. To be fair, the track has some crossover commercial potential, plus why not try to piggy back on the success of Annihilating Rhythm. Obsession is a nice Tekno tune: feel good Pads, free flowing arpeggiators, calming "wind pipe" synth melody and a catchy as hell piano riff. Credit where credit is due, Heather Allan's heavenly vocals really does enhance the track. Not that I'm a massive fan of putting music in pigeon holes, but how would you classify Obsession? It has an overarching Italian Piano House feel to it, but its too fast for that. I think its a tad too slow to be called Hardcore, although it did come out in 1992. Discogs suggests Trance, especially with the arp synths, but the song it constantly punctured with breakdowns, disrupting any sort of long periods of flowing Trance music. It does seem to occupy this interesting position of different styles without being any of those styles. With Obsession coming out in 1994 it actually got to 75 in the UK Single Charts, well played Clubscene Records. In a related story, I like this Tekno track.

      There is a song by Public Enemy called The B-Side Wins Again, fuck me dead it describes Clubscene Records 027. Apparently the B-Side was "recorded" in Zürich, Switzerland. The first track is the rave anthem, Check Your Head, a track beloved by an entire rave generation, so no pressure trying to objectively review it! Even Mallorca Lee's first words "Is Anybody Out There", when you heard Ultra-Sonic or a DJ play that, people would get very excited. The intro was also the first time I heard the term Bassdrum. The track consists of a sharp synth stab and a trademark well produced Acid line. The playful nature of the track is a crowd pleasing aspect here, the track slowing down and slowly speeding up to the drumroll finale. As with its predecessor, Annihilating Rhythm, Mallorca Lee's vocals works wonders, spoken at all the right places hyping up the crowd. It took me a while to figure out he wasn't American but actually from Glasgow.

      After notifying the audience that "everybody's heads fine" the crowd noise smoothly transitions into Love Me Right. I've heard DJs who just let the B-Side play out, I don't blame them, both tracks are amazing. Although not as popular as Check Your Head, Love You Right is a killer tune that resembles Obsession in a few ways. Lovely but short female vocal, some phenomenal piano riffs and melodies and Mallorca's "is everybody ready for the last time", that one always hits hard. That lingering Pad at the end is a nice ending. Classic Tekno.

      Similar to Dyewitness (and probably Scooter) there has been debate if the B-Side is actually live or just fake crowd noises sampled from another record. The record sleeve does clearly state this, also if its fake, why choose Zürich, seems oddly specific. I suppose for a definitive answer: are there any Zürich ravers who saw Ultra-Sonic perform live in 1994? Check Your Head is a monster of track, I remember when Ultra-Sonic dropped the track, everybody in the room went absolutely insane!! The Germans must have been big fans of the B-Side as it was repressed with a Check Your Head (Extended European Mix) and Club Tools repressed the tune as a double EP with Ultra-Sonic, Scooter and Legend B (!) remixes, all of which are well worth checking out as well. The older you get, the more you appreciate the music that was the soundtrack to your teenage years, Check Your Head has good memories for me, plus it made me understand the term, Tekno Junkies. :)
      • EarlyIsTimeless's avatar
        'Obsession' samples 'Age Of Love ‎– The Age Of Love'.
        • bell-end's avatar
          Really? I thought that the supposedly 'live' tracks were all studio productions with fake crowd noise? If you listen to those tracks it sounds like a crowd of thousands.
          I could be totally wrong,infact I'd love to be wrong on this one! I've listened to these tunes so much now I just assumed it was fake crowd noise.would love to know if anybody can clarify this.
          • raindance_rob's avatar
            Edited 16 years ago
            Obsession in my opinion was Ultra Sonic's best release & scottish hardcore at its best :o) I first heard it after buying a Tom Wilson (RIP) cd when i went to Twisted & Brainfire in Glasgow. Obsession was the last tune that he played on the cd & i was immediately hooked.

            It starts off with a nice melody, great use of the vocals & when the beats kick in you somewhat expect it to be a little bit faster then it is & it can somewhat be hard to find something that will mix into it. But that being said for when it came out, it was ahead of its time & like nothing else & has definitely stood the test of time.
            • theturpster's avatar
              Edited 18 years ago
              If my memory serves me correctly from the "Okay Edinburgh are you ready to turn it up" - this was recorded from their first gig at the Calton Studios Edinburgh - pretty sure the event was called Adrenalin (the flyer was a rip off of the lucozade isotonic drink label that was around at that time) - I was there that night and the sound although a little dated now - was fresh and new at time and absoultely rocked the gaff!

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