Set Fire To Flames ‎– Telegraphs In Negative / Mouths Trapped In Static



Telegraphs In Negative
Deja, Comme Des Trous De Vent, Comme Reproduit 6:43
Small Steps Against Inertia / Echo Of A Dead End 3:01
Measure De Mesure 4:45
Holy Throat Hiss Tracts To The Sedative Hypnotic 3:38
When Sorrow Shoots Her Darts 3:11
Kill Fatigue Frequencies 1:28
In Prelight Isolate 15:11
Tehran In Seizure / Telegraphs In Negative 5:56
Mouths Trapped In Static
Your Guts Are Like Mine 2:15
Fukt Perkusiv / Something About Bad Drugs, Schizophrenics And Grain Silos... 8:11
Sleep Maps 11:52
Something About Eva Mattes In The Halo Of Exploding Street Lamps... 1:47
Buzz Of Barn Flies Like Faulty Electronics 3:39
And The Birds Are About To Bust Their Guts With Singing 4:52
Rites Of Spring Reverb 3:33
Mouths Trapped In Static 2:27
This Thing Between Us Is A Rickety Bridge Of Impossible Crossing / Bonfires For Nobody... 5:33



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April 28, 2006
edited over 11 years ago
referencing Telegraphs In Negative / Mouths Trapped In Static, 2xCD, Album, ALIENCD39

All GYBE!/Silver Mt. Zion related projects release fascinating pieces of music, awakening mostly haunting and unsettling landscapes of strange noises of strings exploitation. Long-term however I find this record exhausting, if not to say boring. The story behind this double feature seems more interesting than the music itself, which at certain point sound mostly like a pointless grinding rumble. The first record of SFTF was much more concrete and compact than this, although still this album is quite a puzzle for your ears to devour.