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Xylin Room6:09
Theme Of Sudden Roundabout4:51
VL AL 54:56
Reniform Puls8:38

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The name Draft 7.30 supposedly derives from the album being the 30th edited version of their 7th album.


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Version DetailsData Quality
Cover of Draft 7.30, 2003-04-07, CDDraft 7.30
CD, Album
Warp Records – WARPCD111UK2003UK2003
Cover of Draft 7.30, 2003-04-07, VinylDraft 7.30
2×LP, Album
Warp Records – WARPLP111UK2003UK2003
Recently Edited
Cover of Draft 7.30, 2003, CassetteDraft 7.30
Cassette, Promo, Album
Warp Records – WARPMC111PUK2003UK2003
Recently Edited
Cover of Draft 7.30, 2003-04-05, CDDraft 7.30
CD, Album
Beat Records – BRC-67Japan2003Japan2003
Recently Edited
Cover of Draft 7.30, 2003, CDDraft 7.30
CD, Album
Warp Records – WARPCD111, Zomba – RTD 126.4092.2Europe2003Europe2003
Recently Edited
Cover of Draft 7.30, 2003-04-07, FileDraft 7.30
10×File, WAV, Album
Warp Records – WARPCDD111UK2003UK2003
New Submission
Cover of Draft 7.30, 2008-07-22, CDDraft 7.30
CD, Album, Reissue
Warp Records – WARPCD111UK2008UK2008
New Submission
Cover of Draft 7.30, 2017, FileDraft 7.30
10×File, ALAC, Album, Reissue
Warp Records – WARPCDD111UK2017UK2017
New Submission
Cover of Draft 7.30, , FileDraft 7.30
10×File, FLAC, Album
Warp Records – WARPCDD111UKUK
Cover of Draft 7.30, , FileDraft 7.30
10×File, MP3, Album
320 kbps
Warp Records – WARPCDD111
Cover of Draft 7.30, , CDDraft 7.30
CD, Album, Unofficial Release
Warp Records (2) – WARPCD111RussiaRussia
New Submission
  • pdox11's avatar
    Having been an AE fan since the beginning this, at the time was a huge disappointment. I didn't play it for years after a few initial listens on release.
    Fast forward to 2019 I gave it another listen and realised it was one of the best things they had produced!
    Excellent LP but probably not the best place to start with the catalogue.
    • Veryinterested's avatar
      Edited one year ago
      The physical quality of the product is very high class with a thick gatefold sleeve and glossy print effects. For the music aspects of it, well it is definitely an electronic music masterpiece for sure & the press reflects this on playback. Get this « cheap » if you dont own it on vinyl as it tends to be cheaper than other autechre releases.
      • bbritooo's avatar
        Edited one year ago
        Very slippery and moist, skullfucks my brain like no other. IV VV IV VV VIII sounds like you're being scanned in an MRI
        • Thermospore's avatar
          The packaging for this album is beefy as hell. Very thick and study. The music, of course, is absolutely bangin. Every track is great, but my favorite would have to be "6IE.CR", which is pretty much the pinnacle of gut wrenching glitchy drum madness along with a great melody. A must have
          • rosepierre's avatar
            Edited 4 years ago
            My favorite of all Autechre albums. Once you HEAR it there's nothing more to say about it.
            • memeko's avatar
              Just picked this up second hand on vinyl, perfect sound, in Shibuya, Tokyo for 2000 yen. Score.. now my autechre discog is fundamentally complete.
              born 1983, Ive been obsessed with Autechre since I found EP7. That sound completely changed my perspective of sound.I forget.. when Draft came out and I was 20ish I guess. Still love the textures... sounding phat through this sub right now..
              • Numanoid's avatar
                Edited 2 years ago
                Too bad they didn't edit beyond version 30, I think around version 50 or 60 they might have nailed it.

                Like sketches thrown together, lacks an album feel. Surripere at 11:23, "we tired of it, so just switch it off", forget about the fade out. The next track is just thrown in the listeners face.
                • adam01's avatar
                  Edited 6 years ago
                  This is their magnum opus.
                  Tri Repatae is their peak time master piece, but Draft stands as the total sum of their sonic technology artistic output.
                  Grab a vile, an ocean view, a hi fidelity sound system and go here....
                  • Cardia1's avatar
                    This Album is similiar to "Untilted", although i found this one more satisfying. The first music "Xylin Room" has an impressive melody, it reminds me Ghosts doing crazy things, the following tracks share a similiar style with lovely glitches, i also love "Surripere","Theme of Sudden Roundabout" wich are very dark, and "Reniform plus" wich sounds morbid :). One of the best Autechre releases.
                    • Pitchhiker's avatar
                      Once you get into these breaks beats and glitches your all over it! I just can't get enough! Very cool album and i think is good somebody who is just going to get into Autechre.