Moskwa TVDynamics & Discipline


Interface A0:45
Tekno Talk (Final Cut)6:19
Absolute Fashion4:55
My Second Voice3:44
Interface B0:13
Futuristic Dance5:11
Generator 7/86:17
Interface C1:03
Radio And TV6:22
Interface D1:07
Tekno Talk (Bombing Mix)6:31

Credits (9)

  • Talla 2XLC
    Talla 2XLC
    Coordinator [Electronic Coordinator], Synthesizer [Ppg Wave], Sampler [Akai Digitalsampler S 612]
  • Axel H.*
  • Ralf Henrich
    R. Henrich*
    Musician [Additional Musician], Synthesizer [Ppg 2.3, Moog Source, Msq 700]
  • Kurt Ader
    K. Ader*
    Musician [Additional Musician], Synthesizer [Roland Jupiter 8, Roland Mks 80, Yamaha Dx7]
  • Peter Pappas
    Other [Hairdesign]


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    Cover of Dynamics & Discipline, 1985, VinylDynamics & Discipline
    LP, Album, Stereo
    Westside Music – 71002Germany1985Germany1985
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    Cover of Dynamics + Discipline, 1992, CDDynamics + Discipline
    CD, Album, Reissue
    BOY Records – BOY 2804-2Germany1992Germany1992
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    • DrMickeyLauer's avatar
      Full ACK to your review. Ralf & Kurt added the musicality and taste for "harmonic" sounds that Talla was lacking a bit when working alone. Then again, while I appreciate Ralf's solo work, it's in another league as this. I'm afraid no-one is working on similar music these days. If you spot something comparable, please holler.
      • Bambadeng's avatar
        Edited 7 years ago
        The Z in 'Operator Z' stands for 'Zosel' since the track is dedicated to label operator Michael Zosel for his efforts in promoting the act. To me this is the best track by Moskwa TV, however, much to my regret it has never been released on vinyl.
        • Troeger's avatar
          Outstanding Masterpiece for people that are interested in the origins of tekkno.

          To me this is the best record from Talla 2XLC, maybe because it is not his lonesome work. Ion Javelin , Axel Henninger, Ralf Henrich, Kurt Ader are involved too in this beautiful sounding. it combines pop + electro.

          The outstanding track is Radio and TV. Great deep dark atmosphere at 100 bpm, excellent robot voices and sound effects combined with a very loud played snare drum. this snare drum sound was to me the beginning of EBM ( Electronic Body Music ). When you hear the song you feel like being another world. The track was palyed in the very first hr3-clubnight by torsten fenslau. This was the first time ehen i got in contact with this song.

          All Interfaces are beautiful to use as intros or fillers.

          Techno Talk is the next outstanding track. not as dark as radio and tv and not that commercial than generator 7/8, what was a hit for moskwa tv.

          I need more of the radio & Tv stuff, but where to find ?

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