Transmission Start2:52
Train By The Autobahn (Part 1)5:03
Train By The Autobahn (Part 2)6:39
Riphead v95:21
UV Sine7:43
...Short Wave Lies5:01
Digital Poacher2:47
Set To Receive3:51
EVP Echoes4:32
Floods v3.95:54
Witches Ov3:47
Dials & Dialers 11:07
Ghost Vexations3:15
Dials & Dialers 21:30

Credits (5)


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    Cover of Radio Scarecrow, 2008-04-16, VinylRadio Scarecrow
    3×12", Album, Limited Edition, 33 ⅓ RPM
    Soma Quality Recordings – SOMA tBd 001UK2008UK2008
    Cover of Radio Scarecrow, 2008-03-31, CDRadio Scarecrow
    CD, Album
    Soma Quality Recordings – SOMACD067UK2008UK2008
    Recently Edited
    Cover of Radio Scarecrow, 2008, CDRadio Scarecrow
    CD, Album, Promo, Cardboard Sleeve
    Soma Quality Recordings – SOMACD067PUK2008UK2008
    Cover of Radio Scarecrow, 2008-04-07, FileRadio Scarecrow
    17×File, FLAC, Album
    Soma Quality Recordings – SOMACD067UK2008UK2008
    New Submission
    Cover of Radio Scarecrow, 2008-04-07, FileRadio Scarecrow
    17×File, WAV, Album
    Soma Quality Recordings – SOMACD067UK2008UK2008
    New Submission
    Cover of Radio Scarecrow, 2023-11-00, FileRadio Scarecrow
    17×File, FLAC, Album, Reissue
    Dust Science Recordings – dustdl11720232023
    New Submission
    Cover of Radio Scarecrow, 2023-11-17, VinylRadio Scarecrow
    2×12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Album, Limited Edition, Red
    Dust Science Recordings – Dustv117UK2023UK2023
    New Submission
    Cover of Radio Scarecrow, 2023-11-00, CDRadio Scarecrow
    CD, Album, Reissue, Remastered
    Dust Science Recordings – dustcd11720232023
    New Submission



    • kosmikkomando's avatar
      Just got a copy of this. Sounds incredible. Fantastic work 👏
      • bubcentral's avatar
        Wonder why some of the 3xlp original track are now missing and a completely different sleeve?
        A great lp however. Buy direct from Bandcamp if you can before it's sold out.
        • jasonfoote303's avatar
          Just got my copy from Sheffield. Ordered on Bandcamp shipped to San Francisco. The original 3x12 has been on my wantlist for 7 years but always out of my price range.
          This copy sounds great. Full of dynamics. Pressed not too loud but not too quiet. Vinyl is ultra quiet and perfectly flat.
          VERY happy!
          • scoundrel's avatar
            The Black Dog make the jump to Soma, taking the opportunity to show off yet another side of themselves: this time, their love of Detroit techno. Smooth and melodic and, at the start, with "Train By The Autobahn [Part 1]," rather mellow. "Part 2" slides into some moody electro, and "UV Sine" twinkles like radiation from a distant star. "Siiiipher," meanwhile, is deep and minimal as they come, a mood that's carried over into the stark and icy "Floods v3.9." "Beep" is much more bass-y, than beep-y, but when the haunting piano of "Ghost Vexations" comes in, you're in a whole new space. That's what RADIO SCARECROW does best, I think: create these sonic spaces for your consciousness to inhabit, and while you're there, creates new consciousnesses for you as well.
            • player's avatar
              Edited 9 years ago
              Over-long with too many tracks that loose momentum from track 11 onwards. Radio Scarecrow has a recognizable early 90's techno-ambient-electronica sound, esp the first 10 tracks. The first 10 remain the more interesting tracks throughout the album, with it's early Black Dog - Bytes( though not as good!) influences; all though musically nothing compared to the musical genius as heard on Temple Of Transparent Balls, Pareall, and the excellent Spanners album, as well as various Plaid (aka Repeat) albums released. Tracks 1-10 musically lean towards the early 90' monotoned techno-Idm style, and because of this can feel a bit dated in places too! By the 2nd half(11-17) the album starts to slow things down towards a colder and more industrial minimalistic approach, using a much more drone influenced ambient direction, only with the occasional use of a simple rhythmic loop that appear at the end towards a couple of tracks at the end of the album. The ambient tracks do tend to be more basic with a more simplistic and a repetitive feel compared to the more melodic rhythmic tracks from 1 to 10. Tracks from 11+ also feel as they don't have enough time to fully develop or reach there full potential. They do tend to feel as if they are building up momentum to something more - but don't, and simply end!. Even tracks from 15 to 17 can start to feel like quick fillers rather then fully developed tracks due to there considerably shorter play time lengths. It is only on the last 3 tracks that the album brings in an interesting combination using classical piano with gentle electronic(a) ambient. This does help close the album to nice elegant end to an otherwise cold grey second half, even though they are the shortest tracks on the album and do come to a very quick end.

              Overall the album did feel like two contraindicating sides with the 1st half (1-10)being the more interesting with its UK styled techno and good use of rhythm and music progression, even though it may sound a bit 90's in a dated way, while the 2nd half (11-17) goes with a colder mono-toned ambient side with a darker and drone atmosphere to it. Many of the tracks from 11 onwards can feel as they were out-takes, interludes, or ideas and edits not destined for the full album - but did! Making the album feel overplayed with ideas with some unnecessary wasted short tracks while making the album artificially long. Even the very few rhythmic sections that do occur in the 2nd half, end-up being nothing more then repetitive boring and predictable loops that never really progress beyond its main loop. Sadly the 2nd half never really picks up when you hope for more of the 1st half to expand and progress into the 2nd half, this making the album less appealing the further you get into it. This is a album where the case of 'less is more' really could have benefited Radio Scarecrow into a better listening experience, rather then a over long album stretched with underdeveloped and quick filler tracks.

              Not (The)Black Dog's best!
              • jdcapshew's avatar
                Geez, what a wonderful album. I didn't put much stock in the so-so review in The Wire. Of course they wouldn't gush since they usually give short shrift to most electronica anyway. The Black Dog's sound has changed quite a lot since Handley and Turner left so many years ago. The Dust boys have added new energy to Black Dog and they work brilliantly with Ken Downie. In many ways I like the new sound more than ground breaking Detroit techno of the early 90's because I can return to Radio Scarecrow and hear something after many listens. Radio Scarecrow is chock full of interesting sounds and melodic diversions and it is a coherent classic from start to finish. Since I got the CD from Martin Dust a few days ago, I have played it 6 times. That rarely happens for me as I am so far behind in listening at all times. Higly recommended!
                • atomcoeur's avatar
                  The Black Dog come back with a certain nostalgia in Radio Scarecrow. The sounds used are reminiscent of their classic albums which gives Radio Scarecrow a retrospective feeling, in contrast to Silenced which introduced a different sound in the domain of Black Dog. This return to basics is most welcome for fans that have been following them since the beginning but perhaps brings the album out of context with contemporary music. A bold step that works quite well in its simplicity and directness presenting a stripped down Black Dog with no unnecessary bells and whistles. Definitely a refreshing new album that goes against the current of mediocrity of today's music.
                  • BomberOne's avatar
                    Asking if The Black Dogs are still the Black Dogs after the Plaid affair is not a relevant question. Yes, they are different : less odd and strange, a bit less eclectic, mabe a bit more "techno"... Certainly.
                    But the real question is "are the nowaday Dogs still creative" ? And the answer is yes. Added to brilliant production skills, they do offers some excellent electronica, ranging from soft to uptempo, always interesting, soulfull, enjoyable and worth the listening.

                    Now, is this album more than a collection of nice ideas, more than a clever exposition of skills, yes, this maybe a more interesting question. Yes Dogs are still creative, as each song is interesting, offering a quality level often missing in most releases nowadays.

                    But, what are The Dogs aiming at, in term of musical experience ? It is difficult to answer.
                    Some tracks are more dark and rough-sounding than the usual doggish jewels ("Beep" is a good example of that, even if it is immediately softened by the following "Witches ov", superbly emotional. But then again, this later track is softer and more peacefull than the usual melodic tracks for the Dogs).

                    Of course, the educated listener may find this album less mind-blowing than the one that created the Black Dogs legend (Transparent balls, Parallel and Spanners).
                    But we are not in 1993. And, let's be clear : such a masterclass, sincere and enjoyable album is already more than welcome nowadays!
                    • GARYTRONIC's avatar
                      To put it simply this CD is amazing!!!
                      I can not find enough adjectives to fully describe how I feel about this album.I put it in to my cd player and listened from start to finish.
                      This album has all of the ingredients of a classic.From the gentle intro of Transmission Start,this album takes the listener on a journey of classic electronica which glides through many styles,from Ambient,Techno to a touch of classical,it`s all there.It's a very rewarding album....
                      A classic in the making....

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