For Ett Slikk Og Ingenting8:55
Rett På6:19
Skal Vi Prøve Nå?9:47
Gudene Vet + Snutt8:24
Note I Love You + 10011:26
Flue På Veggen13:03

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    Cover of II, 2009, CDII
    CD, Album, Promo
    Eskimo Recordings – 541416502702UK & Europe2009UK & Europe2009
    New Submission
    Cover of II, 2009-05-00, VinylII
    4×12", Album; CD, Album
    Eskimo Recordings – 541416502814Europe2009Europe2009
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    Cover of II, 2009-05-00, CDII
    CD, Album
    Eskimo Recordings – 541416502702Belgium2009Belgium2009
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    Cover of 2, 2009, CD2
    CD, Album, Promo
    Eskimo Recordings – 541416502702Belgium2009Belgium2009
    CD, Album, Cardboard Slipcase
    Eskimo Recordings – 541416502702JJapan2009Japan2009
    New Submission



    • dr303's avatar
      My promotional copy of this has 99 tracks. The artwork kindly shows the tracklist starting point. They are segued as:
      Tracks 01 (to 24) Cisco
      Tracks 25 (to 41) Rothaus
      Tracks 42 (to 57) For Ett Slikk Og Ingenting
      Tracks 58 (to 67) Rett På
      Tracks 68 (to 77) Skal Vi Prøve Nå?
      Tracks 78 (to 84) Gudene Vet + Snutt
      Tracks 85 (to 91) Note I Love You + 100
      Tracks 92 (to 99) Flue På Veggen
      Phew !
      • scoundrel's avatar
        Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas continue their slow-motion disco takeover of the world with II, their second outing of new material together. The grooves here are longer than on their first album, but at the price of eclecticism. "Cisco" is like a long, building wind-up for "Rothaus," which perks into life with its live drums. "For Ett Slikk Og Ingenting" has hints of easy-listening in the mix, while "Skal Vi Prøve Nå?" has the extended groove (though with varied percussion and a bit of Hawaiian strum), which suggests more of Lindstrøm's hand than Prins Thomas'. The hints of folk, like harmonica tones, liven up "Gudene Vet + Snutt," but it's "Note I Love You + 100" that has the banjo before it drifts off into outer space. The strange twang turns up again at the start of "Flue På Veggen," which ends on a chorus of voices. But, despite the metamorphoses of the tracks, they don't sound as fresh or as surprising as on the debut, maybe because the harmonic content is greatly reduced. Still, it's a trip worth having.

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