LungfishLove Is Love

Style:Art Rock


Love Is Love3:04
This World3:51
Fearfully And Wonderfully3:36
Hear The Children Sing5:23
Lay Yourself Aside5:01
Nation Saving Song2:41
Unfold The Leg3:05
No False Suns4:23
Peace Mountains Of Peace4:36
Child Of Chaos4:28

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    Cover of Love Is Love, 2003, VinylLove Is Love
    LP, Album
    Dischord Records – DIS137VUS2003US2003
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    Cover of Love Is Love, 2003, CDLove Is Love
    CD, Album
    Dischord Records – DIS137CDUS2003US2003
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    Cover of Love Is Love, 2021-03-00, VinylLove Is Love
    LP, Album, Reissue, Red transparent
    Dischord Records – DIS137VUS2021US2021
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    • swainmush's avatar
      Edited 2 months ago
      Lungfish's last great album in my opinion. However, that's not to say they released anything bad after this.

      Love Is Love - cleverly titled and maybe even a homage to Amon Düül's Love Is Peace (Paradieswärts Düül), is a much more accessible release mainly due to the song structure of each piece being largely similar to another and the almost absence of the labelled 'post-hardcore/obscure emo' sound, which is more present on earlier Dischord releases. Instead, the band play rather comfortably in an unlikely fusion of Krautrock and ~almost~ slowcore. But again, this isn't a band that's easy to pigeonhole.

      The recording quality is also very clear and shines with this reissue.

      This release features a crisp, white sleeve containing a pictured inner with lyrics with a clear/red vinyl. I recommend this album to people getting into Lungfish followed by Sound In Time.
      • jbanjo's avatar
        This album has always sounded fantastic but even more so with this pressing. I don't normally go for colored vinyl but no complaints with this one.
        • MyCatSellsRecords's avatar
          This exact pressing has just been repressed by Dischord as of the date of this post.


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